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Re: Why can't I?
Jan 9, 2006
I wasn't a candidate for lasik. a lasik center that offers 20/20 or free guarantee turned me away and said that they cannot guarantee that i would have 20/20 vision. my vision was -10.25 in both eyes. i had thin corneas so i wouldn't be able to get an enhancement. i had very large pupils so i would have problems with night vision. i had astigmatism. i'm sure there were a few other problems with my eyes. i had a doctor tell me that if i was her sister she would not do the surgery on me. i found a doctor who worked with what i had. we went with prk (although it is not typically done on patients with such bad vision) to help preserve enough cornea thickness in case i needed an enhancement. i have just enough for one enhancement. Two months after surgery my vision was 20/20. NOw nine months later I am still dealing with my night vision but that has slowly improved over the months. i am happy with the results. they are better than i had hoped for. i went in with realistic expectations. i wasn't expecting a miracle. even if i didn't come out with 20/20 vision, i would wear a thinner pair of glasses. before the surgery i wore contacts all the time because i couldn't deal with my glasses.

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