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I'm glad you checked back in and got the info. Update this post of you do go have a consult. You'll actually consult with a Dr. Lehr who's a partner in the offices. Probst does the actual Lasik. Probst does ALL the lasik. But he works out of a few offices in a few states so the facility does all the legwork with you and then he does your procedure.

But like you, when it comes to say Lasik, brain surgery, heart surgery...I'm going to look for who I perceive to be "the best" and pay for it within reason.

I went for my consult and was a good candidate. I was ready and willing. So, I had to go without my contacts for 2 weeks..and they got me in right after that. My consult was on 11-15 and my Lasik was 12-2. So, regardless of how busy Probst may be, they are very prompt getting patients in.

I wish there were words to describe how happy I am. Everyone's experience/recovery/healing time is different. But I read some posts by others and I can't believe I've never had a moment of trouble. No dry eye. No blurriness...even from day 1. 20/15 and holding. No headaches. My eyes aren't even "tired" or strained. I had slight halo-ing at first, just for night driving. a contact lens wearer for 15+ years, I had some halos with contacts!

I'd recommend my doctor to anyone. I'd do this again in a heartbeat. My nerves prior were the "worst part" for me. And because I've had such a perfect outcome, I can't believe I didn't do this years ago.

On the other hand...a couple years ago I was still "waiting" for Lasik to become more common, waiting for new technology, etc.

Good luck!
:) Wendy

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