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haha yea, the eyedrops and stuff sucks, but i tell you what, on my good days, sometimes i feel like my eyes are so good that life is fake. if that makes sense? Sometimes I look at things and they are SOOOOOOOO crystal clear and sharp its crazy. Its like every day the clarity is like putting in a new prescription of contacts.

I am anxious for summer and to finally go swimming, or a trip to the beach and no worries. Thing is I trained myself my whole life to close so easily from water because it would dry up my contacts. Even in the shower I freak when water hits my eyes still haha. probably will go away in time i guess...
Yea, only I'm afraid that getting water in my eyes will make them feel bad b/c they're not perfectly healthy. I don't like the idea of having dry spots and stuff on them... it kinda freaks me out. I'm afraid of getting an infection or something.

I get so tired of putting the stupid drops in. I use them every two hours too, plus I use stuff at night.

Maybe you could try a nighttime gel or ointment. I don't know if you're already using one. I also sleep with a sleep mask. It helps to keep out the fans and heat and stuff while I'm sleeping. :)

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