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Hi I was wondering at what point everyone had correction done to their eyes if they had an under or over correction during the lasik surgery? And could you definitely tell there was a problem the way you could see prior to the extra surgery? I'm only 5 weeks out of the surgery but it seems as if the left eye is over corrected and the right eye under corrected? But I don't have any proof from the Dr, my next appt. is in 3 weeks so being patient until then, I know things continue to change and have been. I just know that when I see it's not right and off.... It may correct I know but it seems as if it's not going to at this point.... but I'm not feeling very optomistic at this point! :) ha...

3 months good for a correction? Anyone have to correct both eyes?? Knowing my luck... arg... I want to see crystal clear like Scion!! I'm jealous! :) ha..

My suggestion to you is to go see your regular eye doctor. While I love Lasik, despite my dry eye issues, I do feel that my lasik doc (and probably most of them) kind of kept some issues from me because that would be admitting that he there may be something very minor that is off. I went to a regular doctor and when he did a bunch of little tests on my eyes, he saw that there were some epitheleals under my flap. They aren't a problem now but, if they grew and multiplied, they may have become a problem. But, that is something that my lasik doc did not tell me a had. So, go see a regular eye doctor. They have nothing to lose by being straight with you, whereas a lasik doc stands the chance of you telling people not to go to him and he could lose business.

Just to comfort you, I don't really think that there is anything wrong with your sight based on what you have said and my experience as compared to yours. I had the blurry eyed problem for 3-5 months post-op. I still have that issue now and then. I am slightly blurry in my left eye as I make this post and I am coming up on a year since my surgery. I can not stress enough the importance of using non-preserved/preservative free eye drops once every 2 hours or every one hour if you need it more. It is so important to keep them well lubricated. I really believe proper lubrication is the key to healthy healing! Even if you don't feel like they are dry, I would almost be willing to bet that most of your blurriness stems from them being dry. And, they may not feel dry but, they most likely are.

Anyway, go to your regular eye doc and tell him or her what you are experienceing. They will run a gambit of tests and be able to tell you if there are any problems (serious or minor) with an objective mind.

Take care and try not to worry so much. Not everyone heals the same and, in my experience, the blurriness is pretty common and can last several months. I don't know if your doc told you but, it can take up to 18 months (in most cases) for your eyes to stabilize and heal. For some, it takes longer. Others are very lucky and they heal in weeks. If we were all the same, we wouldn't need so many different kinds of medicine and medical feilds to keep us healthy or make us healthy. And, they would have only one kind of laser to perform the surgery.

Let us know how things go if you go see your regular doctor.

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