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I figured who better to ask than people who've had eye problems so, here I am.
I'm 30 and have had great vision all my life. But today I woke up and could not see out of my right eye. It's so blurry that I can hardly make things out on my computer right now. I can see great from my left eye though.
I've been having some odd things going on in my body lately and don't have insurnace so, I get crappy treatment when I visit docs.. They rush and don't really run any tests for anything specific.
My symptoms:
anxiety (i'm on zoloft for that and it's doing ok), fatigue, muscle weakness, a heavy feeling in my body, small bumps that itch & turn into small clear fluid filled blisters if I scratch them (i'll just get one or 2 at a time. it's not from ivy, plants, herpes, etc., and those started after a flight I was on but they've gone from my hand to my upper arms), lump in left side of neck about the size of a small bird egg (it's not very hard), recent lung infection, low blood pressure (around 75/59) I get cold fingers and toes (like frozen feeling you get after being in the snow without gloves) then I'll freeze all over, other times I get HOT burining feelings on my skin that feels exactly like a bad sun burn (on my arms), my hands shake a lot (mostly when i pick something up even as small as a tv remote), I have chest pain at times that feels heavy like I have a 5 pound weight sitting in the center of my chest and now I can't see very well at all in my right eye.
What on earth would cause me not to be able to see suddenly like this. It's like looking through a lens that's very out of focuse. There's nothing in my eye. I chekced it out.
Anyone have any idea what this could be?
I'm going to get my eyes checked just to know for sure but there seems to be an underlying condition of some sort that's causing all of this?
HELP............... :confused:

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