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I had Lasik, not PRK so, I can't speak from that specific experience. But, I do know that our eyes do heal separately of one another. Basically, if you broke both of your arms, they would both heal at different rates/speeds. Your eyes were probably not the same before your surgery either. One may have been 20/40 and the other 20/60 and, believe it or not, even that can change ever so slightly day to day, hour by hour, minute by minute. Fortunately for us, that change is so minor that our brains don't comprehend it so we don't notice it. So, while it is a pain in the butt, it is pretty normal. For the first couple months after my surgery, my right eye would be pretty decent (minor blurriness) and my left eye would be blurry, dry and irritated. Even a year later, my left eye has dry eye issues throughout the day while my right eye is only dry first thing in the AM and maybe sometime throughout the day once a week. Consider the fact that they didn't shoot one laser at both of your eyes at the same time. They had to do one, then the other. That may help you realize the truth behind your eyes being 2 seperate entities. Most likely, after they did one eye, they had to recalibrate the machine in order to do the other one. So, they were two distinct surgeries.

I hope that helped some. From my experience, your is normal. But, just to be sure, go see your regular eye doctor (since you will need to in about 6 months anyway) and see what he or she has to tell you. He or she will be impartial and will be completely honest with you.

Take care and let us know how things go!
Hey guys,
You know... Your words do help. It is nice to know that my situation, as hard as it is, seems to be a taking the course of a normal recovery. As I have said, it is just so fustrating when I can see the street sign in front of me at a stop light so clearly out of the right, and can't even read it out of the left. Arrrrggghhhh!!!

I really don't have any dry eye problems, yet, as I am dropping pretty much every hour (sometimes more) on a very regular basis. Still doing my prescribed drops too.

I did talk to the doc yesterday, and she tells me the gas/air theory is [B]not [/B] what is going on. I had 20/40 in the right before surgery, and 20/100 in the left. The amount of cornea removal, yada yada yada done to the left was more than the right. This much I already knew. She said I could come in for them to look at the cornea and maybe perscribe glasses for now(which pretty much defeats my purpose), but I'm gonna try to be patient and wait a couple more weeks. If it's not any better in a few weeks, say by Feb 6, as the surgery was Jan 6, then I'll go in and have the check done. I may anyhew just to be absolutly sure. The second opinion may be an option too.

The first half hour of the morning, after I first awake, the left eye is clear. This gives me hope. After about a half hour though, the eyes revert to their daily routine. Patience is not one of my best vertues, but I suppose it is going to have to become one.

And one last thing, my husband had lasik about 5 months ago, same doctor, and he has no problems. Maybe a little dryness, nothing drops won't cure. I'm so jealous. Oh well... this is the way it is, and life must go on. Hopefully, time will heal this wound.

Thanks for your responses, it DOES help!!!

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