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Dear PatrickY,
Hi. I'm Elyse S. I have my story posted about 6 or 7 postings below yours. [B] I have had PRK.[/B] Four weeks ago tomorrow. The procedure itself is painless, however, the next 4 days were the most painful I have ever had. Of all of the surgeries, big and little, this has to be the worst pain experience I have ever had. I would not recommend it to anyone. This is from experience.

4 weeks post op now, my right eye is good. I'd say 20/20 in the afternoon, mornings suck. But my left eye, I'm lucky if I get to 20/60 or 80 on a good day. I can't read the liscense plate in front of me at a stop light. The street sign with the streets name? Forget it! Imagine an ear ache and that one ear is stuffed. Equate that in eye terms. Clear out of one eye, and total fuzz out of the other. Better yet, contacts? Take one out and leave one in!! I'm calling the doc tomorrow cuz I want to speak to him about how long I can expect this to go on.

I would suggest seeing a few other docs too. If I only knew then what I know now, I'd still be in contacts!

So far, I totally regret doing it and my vision sucks. It was not worth all that pain for what I have now. At least not yet.

Think hard and see someone else.

I can only speak from experience. Keep us posted. I'm curious to know what you choose to do. I have not read anything from anyone else who has had PRK so I can't say if my experience is normal or not. [B] I just know I am VERY dissapointed with it, so far.[/B]

Elyse S.

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