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I had the lasik procedure done about 6 days ago and up until this morning everything was fine. I woke up and my right eye was completely red and bloodshot and felt irritated. It does not look good at all. My left eye was fine. I'm hoping that its just due to dry eyes but has anyone else had similar problems? I should probably call the doctor to make sure.
Overall I was pleased with the operation. The doctor I went to and his whole staff was very good (well worth the extra $$ I paid). Within an hour after having the procedure I had 20/20 perfect vision so of course I was very pleased. Its a little difficult to see objects up close ie) computer screens but it is getting better day by day. Driving at night was tough the first 3 days but that is getting better as well. The actual procedure was a little more intense that I thought it would be. Its like something out of a sci-fi horror flick but the end result is good so I'm ok with it. Up until this morning there were no problems. I hope this is not a serious problem.
I went to the doctors yesterday afternoon just to be sure everything was ok. He told me that my eye had hemmoraged (sp?), which actually sounds a lot worse than it actually is. Some of the blood vessels in the had ruptured and that gives the eye the red appearance. Its similar to a bruise on other parts of the body. He said it can happen to anyone and that its really just a coincidence that i had the lasik done the previous week. It usually just goes away by itself. My eye is already improving.

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