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It sounds like you had both eyes done at the same time. I can understand your frustration with that. Mine are scheduled 2 weeks apart, but I can always postponne the second eye until I feel ready. Right now I'm scheduled to have my right eye done on 2/15. I know there will be some discomfort with it for a few days and then after that, it's just putting up with haze and blurriness for awhile.

I don't know if this will help you or not, but on another bulletin board someone mentioned that they were told to take vitamin C everyday and this will help with the hazing problem and improve the night vision. I mentioned this to my doctor and two of the doctors at that office confirmed it. They suggested taking 2-500mg tablets a day: one in the morning and one later in the day for a total of 1,000mg a day. The one doctor suggests to his patients to start taking it 5 days prior to the procedure and continue for a couple of weeks after. I started taking it several days ago so I should have plenty of it in my system by the day of the first eye procedure. They also did a dry eye test on me and I had a lot of tears, more than average. They said that was good too. But who knows what lies ahead. I've done so much research and asked so many questions of people, that I feel that I am committed, so there's no turning back. I hope you continue to recover. I'm sure you will. I've been told over and over that patience is the key and no two eyes heal the same way. I'll stay in touch and let you know how it goes! :wave:
Dear Bowriter,
Good luck to you!!! Get good pain meds! I only had haze for about a week, and it really was not that bad. It was the pain in the days after and the non-clear vision with the Left eye that are the two most prominent things at this time. I have changed my eye drops, 1 week tomorrow, your lucky day, and I see virtually no difference. They now tell me it could take up to 6 months for this eye to clear up. I could just imagine if both my eyes were like this. Arrrgggghhhh!!! It seems strange to me how they couldn't give me glasses for the time being. 20/20 (R) vs 20/60 (L). I would think they could accomodate me with glasses. Go figure. I don't know you, but I [B]WILL [/B] be thinking about you tomorrow.

Vitamin C you say? I'll add that to the 9 pills I already take. 4 are the same thing, 2 pills a day.

Good luck to you, keep in touch. I'm curious as to how you'll be feeling. Some have no pain, and I hope for your sake, you're one of the lucky ones.

Take care
Elyse S. :wave:
Thanks Elyse and BE.....maybe getting one eye done at at time is the trick. Even though I had very little discomfort (I am back at work today), I don't think I would have wanted both eyes done together. In fact, I don't think my doc will even do that. My eye is extremely watery, maybe that's a blessing. I'm sitting here at work with my sunglasses on because it helps with the monitor and flourescent lights. Wow, it really makes a difference!

Last night threw me for a loop because all of a sudden, when the Russian skater (gold medal guy) was doing his thing, my eye started hurting bad enough to where I had to pull my upper lid off of it. I think the figure skating had me to fixated to the screen and my bandaid lens dried on me. I should have been blinking more. I dropped some wetting solution in it and eventually it loosened up. I don't think it was centered when it dried so my cornea was exposed which is why it was so painful. Damn.....gotta quit staring at the TV!

I just hope my second eye goes as well as the first. I'm not sure why you (Elyse) are in so much pain from this. That has me kind of worried. I guess as long as the eyes are improving, it might be worth it in the long run, but that seems like an awful lot of discomfort. Has it eased up at all since the procedure? They did tell me that pain levels are different in everyone and that some do experience "pain" with it. That's always nice to hear when you are trying to decide if you want this done or not.

There is another health board that you might try. You can actually interact with lasik doctors. It's: [url][/url]
Maybe you can chat with them and see what they think. I don't know how the response times are because I've only read the chats, I haven't chatted on that BB. Give it a try and let me know what they say. I can't imagine going through what you are, but I guess I could with my second eye.

I have a wedding to go to tonight, so this will be a long day for my eyes, but at least I'll be away from the TV screen! It sucks not being able to wear makeup, but my eye would water it all off anyway.....

You both have a good weekend! :cool:

:) Your last posting was 3 days ago. Did you go to the doc? What is your vision? I am curious. What is the vision in your uncorrected eye? My left eye, after the PRK, is 20/60. Before, it was 20/100. My vision is like one contact in and one contact out. I do notice a hairline improvment. I can see some things with a huge struggle right after I drop, but other than that, it's pretty much my right eye doing all the work. I can see clearly enough to get around, I'm getting used to it so I don't notice it as much now. Using +200 reading glasses for the computer, in the AM. In the PM, the eyes seem a bit more relaxed so I don't always need the glasses as much. Know whats strange? In the early morning, applying makeup to my right eye, looking out of the lousy left, is better than the right. Up close, the L is good, and the right is not so good. I am preplexed :confused: . Not too sure what the heck is going on with that. I'm almost out of my daily eye drops, the ones we use for 8 weeks post, and they want to call in a script for me. I'm a little miffed at that. $5400. and they tell me they don't have any samples in the office? What happens if someone has surgery today? They get no drops? For that kind of money, ALL of those drops should be included. I'm going to call again and voice that one to them. I'm not paying for drops I'm only going to use once a day for two more weeks. I'll just stop with them and keep using the liquigel drops. They thought it may be my eyes reacting to the drops so we switched from systane to refresh liquigel. But I don't think that's it or it would be both eyes. Personally, I think that's a load of poop, cuz I still don't see any differently, or not much anyhew.

I will go in for another exam March 22, so we'll know a bit more then. I am convinced I'm going to have to go under the laser again. That's just me talking not them. This really bothers me! Just for the pain factor alone. But I would really like to experience this clear vision that everyone else seems to get with this surgery, with BOTH my eyes. What a rip-off!

Let me know what how your vision is?

GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!! ;) Get good pain meds, just in case. Let us know how it goes.

Elyse S. :wave:
Hey there Brown Eyes! Don't worry too much about getting PRK. Better to be safe than sorry. My corneas were thick enough but my astigmatism is what forced the PRK. PRK is actaully a safer procedure because they do no cutting of a flap. There is not risk of flap errors or tearing corneas. When they cut the flap in Lasik, part of the cornea gets cut too, which is why they have to be thick enough. Otherwise, it could destroy a thin cornea,leading to other problems. If your corneas are borderline, I wouldn't take any chances and go with their PRK recommendation. Same results, just not as immediate as lasik results. You are not going to get up from the table and say "Wow, I can read the clock!". With PRK, the eye is pretty blurry for a few days, but you will still notice a difference. It was getting really clear by Monday until they removed my band-aid lens. That roughs up the epithelium a little bit (and they told me it would). It took a couple more days for my eye to start seeing clearer again, but that still wasn't bad at all.

I had really no pain with the recovery. Some do. Elyse had problems. I could too with my second eye (due next Wednesday). Every eye is different. For the most part, I just had a very watery eye that burned (like an irritation or "cold" in my eye type of thing). It wasn't painful, just annoying. That lasted about two days and by Friday afternoon, my eye quit watering so much (I had the surgery on a Wednesday afternoon). They will give you a prescription for codein or something like that for the pain if needed. I never even needed Advil.

I just used my regular contact lens in my other eye until my right eye heals. It's been a little over a week and it's starting to show a real improvement. I have to stop wearing my left lens tonight because of the surgery date next Wednesday. That's when things will be weird. I'm going to take the right lens out of my glasses and wear them tomorrow to see if that helps.

You will do fine with PRK. Just remember that these bulletin boards are a very small percentage of people that get these procedures. The majority of patients, we never hear from! The fact that PRK is a safer procedure, sold me on it anyway. It's hard to predict who will have discomfort vs. pain vs. no discomfort at all. It might depend on the skill of the surgeon, or your prescription, or your body's healing power. No one really knows. Like I said, my left eye could go completely differently. My right eye set the bar pretty high. It's healing fast and I had very little discomfort. Don't get both eyes done at once. That's the best advice I can give you right now, unless you don't have to drive for two weeks. One eye at a time is recommended and I highly agree with that.

Good luck and let us know how it goes! Trust your doctor, be relaxed, and you'll do just fine. The process goes pretty quickly.
Hey E and B! Hope you both had a good weekend. Mine was pretty good.
Okay, back to the eyes....
The vision gets fuzzy when the band-aid lens is removed because it roughs up that outer layer a little bit, which is normal. Right now, however, my right eye is becoming very strong and the distortion is really getting to me. It doesn't bother me while driving, but trying to read a computer screen or newspaper, it's like my eyes are competing. My strong eye probably needs reading glasses until my other eye gets PRK'd for reading (this Wednesday). I have tried a pair of reading glasses and they didn't help much. They are my husband's. Maybe I just need a stronger prescription, but since my other eye will be fixed, I guess I'll hold off. It's aggravating! I'm probably botching up a lot of words in this post, I apologize ahead of time!

Did you eyes focus in and out for a couple of weeks? LIke, they can see great for awhile and then get blurry again (just slightly, not a lot)? I guess this is normal......


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