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I am scheduled to get PRK done on 2/15. It was strongly advised by the doctor to do only one eye at a time because of the longer healing process (PRK vs lasik). I have to have PRK because of thin corneas. The doctor suggested I wait at least 2 weeks apart before getting the second eye done so that I'll have at least one good eye while the other heals.

Is two weeks too soon? From reading some of these forums on PRK, it sounds like the healing process is a bit complicated compared to lasik. I am going to a reputable doctor in this area, one of the top three I believe that do this sort of thing in St. Louis.

Has anyone had any good results from PRK? I've read plenty of the bad and I'm beginning to wonder if there are any good stories out there? I do appreciate the stories good or bad because it gives me more information to bring forth to my doctor tomorrow (for my eye dilation process). For all who have shared their stories, thank you for the information. I really hope it works out for all of you. I agree that no two people heal alike, but it's also good to know we have this support link.
Dear Bowriter,
I guess I agree with the one eye at a time, but I am 5 weeks post today, 2-10, and still can't see clearly out of my left. Thank goodness my right eye is clear. Went to the doc 2 days ago to find out wazzup, and we started me on different drops, other than the FML which has to be taken to reduce swelling and help healing, thinking my eye could be reacting to the Systane and causing a film, which in turn, could be causing my blurriness. My right is 20/20-20/25ish and the left is 20/60. It is very irritating to see off balance like this. Thank goodness I have 1 good eye. Obviously, 2 weeks would have not been enough of a time spread for me.

Just be forewarned, in the days after, particularly 2 1/2 - 4, it is VERY painful!!! This was the worst experience I have ever had, and I've had a handfull of surgeries, and had I known then what I know now, I would have NEVER done it. But, that's just me. I am still in the "I regret doing this" stage. The doc said it could take up to 6 months for my L eye to clear up.

I wish you luck. Some don't have any pain or problems, and then there's ME!!!
Let us know how you do.

Elyse S. :)
Well I had my procedure done yesterday on my right eye and I must say, I am relieved that I am having very little discomfort. The proceddure itself (PRK) was painless except for when they took the tape off of my eyelids afterwards. They just yanked it off. Yikes! I would have to say that was the worst part. My eye watered a lot yesterday and all night long and part of this morning. Some burning, like a cold in my eye, but it wasn't bad. Every now and then, I think the Band-aid lens gets dry and hurts when I blink, but then it tears up after that and loosens up. Just like a typical dry contact lens would feel. I am almost through the first full day afterwards and I have felt pretty energetic. I could have driven to my appointment this morning but my husband was home and drove me instead. Fortunately, it was very cloudy and rainy today, so sun brightness was not a problem.

The vision in my right eye is still a little blurry (like not wearing glasses or contacts), but it's better than it was prior. I can read some things at a distance but I have to be patient as it heals. Patience, patience, patience....

My left eye is still scheduled for 3/1 but I can postpone if my right eye is a slow healer, but so far so good. I will keep you all posted on how this progresses. I have journaled this experience and I am keeping up the journal as days go on. I will probably post it when it's complete but I wanted to journal the procedure step-by-step to help others know in advance what it's all about. Thanks for all the words of encouragement from you guys. I was more relaxed than I expected and I think the knowledge that we all shared helped contribute to that. The doctors were great. I just hope my left eye goes as well as the right. It's my reading eye so it will be done a little differently (they won't use wavefront technology, but traditional laser).

Anyway, that's my update for now. I'll stay in touch to make sure we are all healing okay!

Hey there Brown Eyes! Don't worry too much about getting PRK. Better to be safe than sorry. My corneas were thick enough but my astigmatism is what forced the PRK. PRK is actaully a safer procedure because they do no cutting of a flap. There is not risk of flap errors or tearing corneas. When they cut the flap in Lasik, part of the cornea gets cut too, which is why they have to be thick enough. Otherwise, it could destroy a thin cornea,leading to other problems. If your corneas are borderline, I wouldn't take any chances and go with their PRK recommendation. Same results, just not as immediate as lasik results. You are not going to get up from the table and say "Wow, I can read the clock!". With PRK, the eye is pretty blurry for a few days, but you will still notice a difference. It was getting really clear by Monday until they removed my band-aid lens. That roughs up the epithelium a little bit (and they told me it would). It took a couple more days for my eye to start seeing clearer again, but that still wasn't bad at all.

I had really no pain with the recovery. Some do. Elyse had problems. I could too with my second eye (due next Wednesday). Every eye is different. For the most part, I just had a very watery eye that burned (like an irritation or "cold" in my eye type of thing). It wasn't painful, just annoying. That lasted about two days and by Friday afternoon, my eye quit watering so much (I had the surgery on a Wednesday afternoon). They will give you a prescription for codein or something like that for the pain if needed. I never even needed Advil.

I just used my regular contact lens in my other eye until my right eye heals. It's been a little over a week and it's starting to show a real improvement. I have to stop wearing my left lens tonight because of the surgery date next Wednesday. That's when things will be weird. I'm going to take the right lens out of my glasses and wear them tomorrow to see if that helps.

You will do fine with PRK. Just remember that these bulletin boards are a very small percentage of people that get these procedures. The majority of patients, we never hear from! The fact that PRK is a safer procedure, sold me on it anyway. It's hard to predict who will have discomfort vs. pain vs. no discomfort at all. It might depend on the skill of the surgeon, or your prescription, or your body's healing power. No one really knows. Like I said, my left eye could go completely differently. My right eye set the bar pretty high. It's healing fast and I had very little discomfort. Don't get both eyes done at once. That's the best advice I can give you right now, unless you don't have to drive for two weeks. One eye at a time is recommended and I highly agree with that.

Good luck and let us know how it goes! Trust your doctor, be relaxed, and you'll do just fine. The process goes pretty quickly.
Elyse, I asked my doctor about your other eye that's not healing as quickly. She said that with PRK the results vary so much from patient to patient, and eye to eye. I could very well have the same problem as you with my second eye. She said that sometimes 20/60 after 6 weeks or so is not too unusual. I hope the new drops they give you help make a difference. Let me know. I'm curious as to how you are doing.

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