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Well I had my procedure done yesterday on my right eye and I must say, I am relieved that I am having very little discomfort. The proceddure itself (PRK) was painless except for when they took the tape off of my eyelids afterwards. They just yanked it off. Yikes! I would have to say that was the worst part. My eye watered a lot yesterday and all night long and part of this morning. Some burning, like a cold in my eye, but it wasn't bad. Every now and then, I think the Band-aid lens gets dry and hurts when I blink, but then it tears up after that and loosens up. Just like a typical dry contact lens would feel. I am almost through the first full day afterwards and I have felt pretty energetic. I could have driven to my appointment this morning but my husband was home and drove me instead. Fortunately, it was very cloudy and rainy today, so sun brightness was not a problem.

The vision in my right eye is still a little blurry (like not wearing glasses or contacts), but it's better than it was prior. I can read some things at a distance but I have to be patient as it heals. Patience, patience, patience....

My left eye is still scheduled for 3/1 but I can postpone if my right eye is a slow healer, but so far so good. I will keep you all posted on how this progresses. I have journaled this experience and I am keeping up the journal as days go on. I will probably post it when it's complete but I wanted to journal the procedure step-by-step to help others know in advance what it's all about. Thanks for all the words of encouragement from you guys. I was more relaxed than I expected and I think the knowledge that we all shared helped contribute to that. The doctors were great. I just hope my left eye goes as well as the right. It's my reading eye so it will be done a little differently (they won't use wavefront technology, but traditional laser).

Anyway, that's my update for now. I'll stay in touch to make sure we are all healing okay!

Hey Bo...
I'm glad you're doing great with your eye :bouncing: . My pain was only for the first 4 days. I have no pain now, except Friday and Saturday I felt as though there was something in my eye :eek: , therefore, dousing it with drops. It finally felt better yesterday. It is tough to say if it is getting better. I am wearing +200 reading glasses to do my computer work. They help me. Mornings suck for me. My L eye is better up close and I tell ya, putting on make-up is a challenge. I'm never sure how it really looks as morning eyes are not clear. My right eye probably looks better than my L, but I can't see up close enough to know. They told me it could take up to 6 months, so I just sit back and wait. Afternoons are better, but the L eye is never clear :( . Sometimes after I do drops, I can struggle to read the liscense plate on the car in front of me, and get most of it right. This gives me hope that one day, boom!!! I can see!!! :p Don't get me wrong, I can see enough to do what I have to do, but it is never crystal clear as many lasik patients have said they have. My husband has had lasik and never complains about a thing. How rude is that?
Keep us informed as to your progress. Do you know what the change in your vision is?
Have a great day :wave: !
:) Your last posting was 3 days ago. Did you go to the doc? What is your vision? I am curious. What is the vision in your uncorrected eye? My left eye, after the PRK, is 20/60. Before, it was 20/100. My vision is like one contact in and one contact out. I do notice a hairline improvment. I can see some things with a huge struggle right after I drop, but other than that, it's pretty much my right eye doing all the work. I can see clearly enough to get around, I'm getting used to it so I don't notice it as much now. Using +200 reading glasses for the computer, in the AM. In the PM, the eyes seem a bit more relaxed so I don't always need the glasses as much. Know whats strange? In the early morning, applying makeup to my right eye, looking out of the lousy left, is better than the right. Up close, the L is good, and the right is not so good. I am preplexed :confused: . Not too sure what the heck is going on with that. I'm almost out of my daily eye drops, the ones we use for 8 weeks post, and they want to call in a script for me. I'm a little miffed at that. $5400. and they tell me they don't have any samples in the office? What happens if someone has surgery today? They get no drops? For that kind of money, ALL of those drops should be included. I'm going to call again and voice that one to them. I'm not paying for drops I'm only going to use once a day for two more weeks. I'll just stop with them and keep using the liquigel drops. They thought it may be my eyes reacting to the drops so we switched from systane to refresh liquigel. But I don't think that's it or it would be both eyes. Personally, I think that's a load of poop, cuz I still don't see any differently, or not much anyhew.

I will go in for another exam March 22, so we'll know a bit more then. I am convinced I'm going to have to go under the laser again. That's just me talking not them. This really bothers me! Just for the pain factor alone. But I would really like to experience this clear vision that everyone else seems to get with this surgery, with BOTH my eyes. What a rip-off!

Let me know what how your vision is?

GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!! ;) Get good pain meds, just in case. Let us know how it goes.

Elyse S. :wave:
My dearest Bo and Brown :wave: ,
I feel, at this point, I can type "my dearest" cuz that's just the kind of girl I am.
Anyhoodles, I just sometimes feel that I am being too negative and don't want to put anyone off, but I do want everyone to know of my experience as it could happen to anyone :D .

Bo, Ya know?... When they took off my bandaid lenses, I too lost some clarity with the vision. Who would have thunk it? I wonder why that is? Do ya know??? :confused:

Brown, I knew I needed glasses for the computer because the screen is a bit fuzzy, just a bit. So the doc suggested getting some at the store. Got the 3 pack at Costco for $17.99. Got some cheapies at the .99 store, but she said to invest a little more as they will be made better and in turn, work better. These reading scripts are more like magnifying glasses. Actually, I'm finding that I am beginning to need them less as the days go on, which is a good sign, in the afternoon especially. Right now, I was wearing them and just took them off and I'm still good. Nothing is crisp, but I can see good enough. I too, stare at a computer screen ALL day long. My husband says I watch TV all day long. Yeah right. :eek:

It's more my long distance vision that is the big problem. Hopefully, time will heal this wound. I'm now on week 7, today, down to 1 drop a day of the prescription drops, and maybe this will help. Who knows. Just guessing at this point.

That's it for now.
Write ya later. Keep me posted... pardon the pun.
e :bouncing:
Hey E and B! Hope you both had a good weekend. Mine was pretty good.
Okay, back to the eyes....
The vision gets fuzzy when the band-aid lens is removed because it roughs up that outer layer a little bit, which is normal. Right now, however, my right eye is becoming very strong and the distortion is really getting to me. It doesn't bother me while driving, but trying to read a computer screen or newspaper, it's like my eyes are competing. My strong eye probably needs reading glasses until my other eye gets PRK'd for reading (this Wednesday). I have tried a pair of reading glasses and they didn't help much. They are my husband's. Maybe I just need a stronger prescription, but since my other eye will be fixed, I guess I'll hold off. It's aggravating! I'm probably botching up a lot of words in this post, I apologize ahead of time!

Did you eyes focus in and out for a couple of weeks? LIke, they can see great for awhile and then get blurry again (just slightly, not a lot)? I guess this is normal......


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