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Re: Halos?
Feb 20, 2006
From most things that I have read the halos and ghosting are something that is common with all types of lasik, but it should gradually diminish over time. Sometimes taking several weeks or a few months. What you need to ask yourself is "Is it getting any better or staying the same?"

If it isn't improving, you might want to ask your doctor. Or, give it two more weeks (for a whole 2 months after surgery) and see if there is any improvement.

Also, my doctor (and another website) suggested taking two 500mg Vitamin C tablets a day. One in the morning and one later in the day for a total of 1,000mg per day. They actually suggested that I do this a couple of weeks prior to surgery and a few weeks after. It's supposed to reduce hazing/glare.

Hope it gets better for you, but try the "C" and maybe give it a couple of weeks. If you are really concerned, you should ask your doctor about it.

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