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You should not be concerned. That feeling is probably a dry patch. Try using your drops a little more and see if that helps. I still have that feeling now and then and I am over a year post-op. But, if you are really worried, go see your lasik doc and have him or her reassure you. The chances of it being something more than a dry patch aren't that big. But, there is always the chance that the flap is raised a little due to cells getting underneath it. So, if you are really worried, go see your doc. That is part of the reason you paid so much for your surgery. They are there to calm your nerves. But, from my experience, as with alot of other people on this board, that feeling is normal and usually a dry patch in your eye. Does it kind of feel like an eyelash is in there? Or a grain of sand? And, trust me on this are Only 6 days post-op. That may seem like an eternity but, you are only at the beginning! You are probably fine but, just to be safe rather than sorry, stop by your doc and have him or her take a peak.

Take care and lube those eyes up! I know it seems like a pain at first to have to use drops so much, but they really do make a difference. Also, make sure your eye drops say that they are "Non-preserved" or "Preservative Free". Any drops with any kind of preservatives can cause an irritation on the eye and make you feel drier and lashier than usual. This is very important. The preserved stuff set me back a little while in my healing process. Ok! Now I am going! Again, take care and feel free to ask us anything! We have been where you are!
Hey Anyone, I Am New To This Board But Not To The Miseries Of Eye Allergies...or Maybe Mental Anguish...i Feel Like I Have Threads Of Mucus??? Feels Like I Have Spider Webs In Hair Face Etc.. Some Days I Want To Throw In The Towel....anyone Else Out There Have This???

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