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Thanks for the in depth update. I went with the intralase for basically the same reasons that you listed in your update. I experienced no pain beyond the first 12 hours or so after the surgery. I slept the whole evening and night after surgery. I have not had any flap problems. As I mentioned earlier, my problem has been the hazy/foggy vision in my right eye, at all distances. I had my surgeon examine me two days ago and he says that the problem is being caused by healing haze underneath the right flap. I also have some healing haze under the left flap but it is not as bad as the right. The difference between the vision in both eyes is definitely noticeable. He says that the haze will disipate over the following weeks and months. I'm very concerned at this point because I have not noticed any perceptible changes in vision in either eye, good or bad, since the day after surgery on 2/1/06 - more than a month ago. My left was clear the next day, just like yourself. Two days ago, he said everthing else is fine - flaps, healing, no dryness, etc. 20/20 left, 20/25 right.

Also, I might add, I am still having the halo, glare, starbursts at night. Are you experiencing this?

Has your vision quality that you initially described improved closer to what you had with glasses?

Thanks, please keep me posted.

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