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I had intralase done almost 2 months ago. It was healing very slowly. I couldn`t focuse on objects for a long time. Eyes got tired quickly and felt weak. I had dry eyes and some pain. Also, vision was not like it was with glasses, especially for the first weeks. It felt as if you are looking through some sort of glass which was not natural. I did have some blurriness in the right eye which was quite bothersome, seems like it`s going away now.
Currently, the main problem for me is that the quality of vision after this procedure is not as good as it was with glasses, it`s not as sharp and crisp, and it feels like I need to put glasses back on to get the sharpness back. They told me I have 20.15, 20.20 vision, but It feels like I`m looking through some very thin vail or smth which is quite irritating. The difference in the quality of vision and pain in the eyes caused me a lot of stress. Mine was conventional intralase Lasik as I understand I didn`t need Custom. Also, the procedure was very painful as they apply a lot of pressure to the eyes for the laser to make the flap for smth like 30 seconds per eye.
What was your healing process after intralase like and what is the quality of vision like, is it the same as with glasses?
Thanks for the in depth update. I went with the intralase for basically the same reasons that you listed in your update. I experienced no pain beyond the first 12 hours or so after the surgery. I slept the whole evening and night after surgery. I have not had any flap problems. As I mentioned earlier, my problem has been the hazy/foggy vision in my right eye, at all distances. I had my surgeon examine me two days ago and he says that the problem is being caused by healing haze underneath the right flap. I also have some healing haze under the left flap but it is not as bad as the right. The difference between the vision in both eyes is definitely noticeable. He says that the haze will disipate over the following weeks and months. I'm very concerned at this point because I have not noticed any perceptible changes in vision in either eye, good or bad, since the day after surgery on 2/1/06 - more than a month ago. My left was clear the next day, just like yourself. Two days ago, he said everthing else is fine - flaps, healing, no dryness, etc. 20/20 left, 20/25 right.

Also, I might add, I am still having the halo, glare, starbursts at night. Are you experiencing this?

Has your vision quality that you initially described improved closer to what you had with glasses?

Thanks, please keep me posted.
Today was a bad day.. Red, irritated eyes.. I definitely regret now what I did.. My vision is still not perfect, not as crisp. I still see as though through a vail..And I was teaching today and noticed that I can`t see up close very well either.. That`s just sickening.. My body is just aching all over.. I`m so stressed and scared.. I was thinking about it and realized that they didn`t give me the written consent to take home to read.. I think if I read all about the complications from these procedure carefully at home I would probably change my mind. Instead they quickly showed me some video about Lasik, I don`t even remember signing anything, but I probably did...That definitely was a rushed and badly informed decision...The thing is I knew about terrible complications from the blade procedure, but for some reason was thinking that Intralase is better and doesn`t have a lot of complications.. What a mistake! The stress and pain I`ve been through for the past 2 months is definitely not worth it.. I missed out on so many things.. My whole life is turned upside down, I developed anxiety. If I was wearing glasses my life would`ve been normal and stress free and happy.. And what is worse I don`t know what to expect now.. How much longer will I have to suffer and will I be able to make it? They say it can take up to 6 months or longer.. Anyone considering Lasik should know about possible problems. How much pain can you handle? Please keep me posted on your progress. I will do the same.
I for one had the microtome and not the inralase, but I agree with you, so it sounds like a horse a piece. I had my surgery on Feb. 16 and I sure hope i get better,,,,I feel like my vision for across the room in a restaurant, for example, is fuzzy and I supposed to be 20/20 in one eye and 20/25 in the other. I am experiencing some pain on and off,, so stressed out. Good luck to us all! I at times think i shouda skipped it!
It seems that it`s improving slowly, but right now it`s somewhat blurry.. The pupil in that eye is still a little bigger, but it varies.. I tried some old contacts earlier for a couple of minutes just out of curiosity, may be that`s what caused it.. It`s interesting I tried contacts a couple of times before I had this done and I had trouble putting them in and then discomfort and now it was no problem putting them in and no discomfort.. That upset me of course as why go through this pain with surgery if I could have worn contacts? Life is not fair.. And how are you doing, did yours get better? I ask myself all the time: why did I do this? Glasses are so much better..

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