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Today was a bad day.. Red, irritated eyes.. I definitely regret now what I did.. My vision is still not perfect, not as crisp. I still see as though through a vail..And I was teaching today and noticed that I can`t see up close very well either.. That`s just sickening.. My body is just aching all over.. I`m so stressed and scared.. I was thinking about it and realized that they didn`t give me the written consent to take home to read.. I think if I read all about the complications from these procedure carefully at home I would probably change my mind. Instead they quickly showed me some video about Lasik, I don`t even remember signing anything, but I probably did...That definitely was a rushed and badly informed decision...The thing is I knew about terrible complications from the blade procedure, but for some reason was thinking that Intralase is better and doesn`t have a lot of complications.. What a mistake! The stress and pain I`ve been through for the past 2 months is definitely not worth it.. I missed out on so many things.. My whole life is turned upside down, I developed anxiety. If I was wearing glasses my life would`ve been normal and stress free and happy.. And what is worse I don`t know what to expect now.. How much longer will I have to suffer and will I be able to make it? They say it can take up to 6 months or longer.. Anyone considering Lasik should know about possible problems. How much pain can you handle? Please keep me posted on your progress. I will do the same.

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