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[FONT=Verdana]Hi all,
Im calling on Monday to get an official number for my pupil size, but I noticed the doctor was surprised how large my pupils were, saying he had only seen one other person with larger pupils. Then he proceeded to tell me Im an excellent candidate for the surgery. I now read that this is one of the main things that should exclude you from doing the surgery.

Does anyone have experience with doing the lasik with large pupils? Specifically, it was suggested I use the bausch & lomb machine. I am going to a chain (lasik+) and it appears they pass through as many as possible to rake in the money. I certainly saw tons of people getting their sugery while I was there, some much over 50 years old.

I already setup a time for sugery in two weeks but now Im getting scared. Please help if anyone has any experience.

I don't know much about large pupils but I would recommend cancelling your appointment. If you don't feel comfortable with the doctor or the facility then back out! Everything could be fine but its not worth the risk when dealing with your eyesight. At a minimum I would get a second opinion.
About the pupil issue - i had my lasik a month ago and my pupils appear larger then they were before - even in bright light. So if your pupils are large to begin with, they may appear even larger.
Has anyone else noticed that their pupils appear larger after the procedure?
I had my surgery in Atlanta at LasikPlus. I highly recommend them to anyone. But in your case I think it best to get a second opinion. I don't think it would cost you anything. Better safe than sorry.
My doctor told me I had slightly larger pupils than most people but I was still a good candidate. I was maybe 20 when I had the procedure. The doctor said the younger you are the larger the pupil (when you get older the pupil gets smaller naturally). But because of my age he didn't think I would have a problem with spots and anything like that.
6.5 mm is the upper range of normal dialated pupil size. Mine prior to lasik was 7mm so I went with custom lasik that supposedly have better results for larger pupils.

I'm 6 wks post surgery and my eyes are slowly improving. Is my sight the same quality as corrected with contacts? NO WAY! If I had to do it all over again? NO WAY!

After my surgery and for 3 wks for pupils were HUGE! It took that long before they settled down. They still have dialate easier then pre surgery. Still dealing with dry eyes but that to seems to be diminishing. My biggest issue is at the end of the day driving at night. I mean WOW. Very tired eyes (of course I sit in a dry office environment looking at a tube for 10hrs - that's the worst on dry eyes) slight halos still altho improving. My evening low light vision quality is terrible. Hopefully as my eyes continue to heal that will clear up. The last big issue I have is now my eyes don't refocus as quickly when I'm reading somethiing very close up and then I look to focus on something farther away. I had some issues with that due to old age (i expect that in my 40's) but its worse after surgery.

Bottom line - My vision is slowly improving but my expectations were that my vision would be equal to my contact correct. I see the eyechart 20/20 but overall quality is still not the same. Funny after speaking to many lasik patients, noone ever tells you about the postop healing/adjusting! :confused:

If I had to do it over again, I wouldn't and wait for something better to come along.

my 2 cents.

I had the surgery last September. The doctor told me that I have large pupils, and the only time I ever notice is when I'm going from bright light to takes my eyes an extra couple of seconds to adjust, but it's always been like that. My eyes took some time to heal, but I am great now. No glare....nothing....and I was -5.25 and -5.5 to start with. Hopefully it will stay this way.

Good luck to you. Just do your research and talk to your doctor about your concerns. You can always check out another doctor and see what they say.

- C
After working with the doctors and getting my confidence built up I went through with the surgery. My pupils were 8mm so thats pretty darned big. Im 10 days out and Im doing great. The second day I was at 20/20. I have been doing a great job of using the tears every 30-45 mins and I havent had any pain or discomfort since two days after. I believe everyones results are as individual as we naturally are and it is a scary choice whether or not to go through with it. Regarding the large pupils, I guess the latest equipment can handle an 8mm pupil without too much difficulty. I do have starburts with headlights but it sounds like that is natural and hopefully will fade after some time.

Thank you all for your responses and I hope anyone considering the surgery keeps in mind that there are several people out there with fabulous success after lasik and many of them never think to post on these boards. Do you research, read the boards and then really listen to your doctor.

Good luck!
Congrats Scared!
I am so glad you are well and happy with your decision!
Take care and keep in touch!

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