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Ohhh... the shopping was nill. This particular store didn't have anything.

I probably do not want to go the contact lense route as that is what brought me to this point. After having radial keratotomy 20-25 years ago, my eyes went bad and I have been in contacts for probably about the last 7 or 8 years, I'm not quite sure. I am done with that routine. And an adjustment? Not sure I ever want to experience what I went through again. So I'll just hang and see where I am at the 6 month time frame.

I will definitly ask them about the adjustments that were made and the numbers. When I'm in there, I get plenty of attention, was 2 hours last visit, and that was just a check. Saw 3 different docs. I wanted glasses to tide me over, but they said I could not wear them. Hmmmm...

Our weather is not always sunny. It's cloudy today, rain expected tomorrow and Saturday, and we need it too. Saturday, my husband and I are going into Long Beach to see "Blast", and I hate driving in the rain, but the tix were expensive so we'll tough it out.

Gotta go pee. Write soon.

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