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Ya know Bo :) ,
I did not know that about the 20/20 in one and different in the other. I do see better in the afternoon but up close still sucks. I have to wear reading glasses, but who knows how that'll end up . Hmmm... makes me wonder what his plan for my eyes really is/was :rolleyes:. I will ask questions on the 22nd :confused: . I should really start a list, cuz I forget what day it is if it's not written down.

I can see the computer screen without the glasses, but they help bring it all into a less fuzzy view. So... I'll wear them but as I said before, not all the time :eek: .

Yeppers... The eye is improving :bouncing: , ever so slowly and ever so slightly, but again, as I said, I can see things now, that I couldn't see a few weeks ago, albeit, fuzzy but better. Time will heal this wound as it does all others.

Love the icons too! Wish there were more to choose from :mad: .

We have TLC out here, but I just went to this place cuz my husband did, and a friend here at work did too and it is close to home. I don't think I'll recommend him to anyone else, but I do and will recommend the lasik procedure, not PRK, to anyone thinking of it. And you are right, EVERYTHING is more expensive here. Especially So. Orange County. Even our gasoline :blob_fire .

Keep in touch!!! Going shopping at lunch to buy a right handed ring, real perty, and then off to Kohls. I LOVE to shop!!! It's a disease with me, I am sick and need help!!! But!!! I rarely pay full price for anything! That's the good thing if there is one.

See ya, pardon the pun :wave: !

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