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I got both of my eyes done, they didn't do PRK afterall which I am indifferent too - seems like there are different benefits to both.
However, I do get blurry vision - fluctuating vision in the AM, I think it is b/c of the nighttime gel I use - it leaves some excess in the AM, my eyes seem to be red too right when I wake. By the afternoon I don't get this so much, but it seems to be happening in my left eye mostly.
Dear Brown, I'm glad you got regular lasik. Wow, what a surprise that must have been. I hope it works great for you. You'll do fine I'm sure. The healing process should be quicker than PRK. Let us know how you're doing.

Dear E and B: I got my second eye PRK'd on 3/1. It seemed like it burned and watered a bit more than the first eye did. I was in slightly more discomfort this time, but all is well now. I get my band-aid lens off tomorrow. It sure makes a difference because my left eye can at least see tons better than it did before (20/800). The vision is starting to come in much clearer and even though both eyes aren't perfect yet, I can see well enough to do just about everything. My right eye was 20/25 on the day of my second surgery. I don't think it's changed much since then, but it's only been about 2.5 weeks and they said it's doing really good for that amount of time. I'll give you both an update after tomorrow's visit to the doc.
Bo :wave: ,
So that's where you've been. I was wondering what happened to ya. So how is it today? I had that discomfort 10 fold in both eyes at the same time, but I could not imagine going through the pain I did two different times. I can say, my L eye, the poopy one, is very slowly getting better, I think. Things that were just a big blurr before, are coming into focus a bit more. Still no where near what my R eye is, but a bit better. I can read the liscense plate in front of me a bit better. A few weeks ago, I couldn't read it at all. I have a calendar here at work that is about 24 inches from me, and before I could not read the days of the week on it. Today, I can actually see them. Not 100%, but getting there. Ya Hoooooo!!! :bouncing: Let me know how the 2nd eye is doing. 20/800!!! Are you serious??? :confused: Wow!!! That was blind :cool: !!! You did the best thing, and I'm sure, in time, you will be so happy. You probably already are.

Brown :wave: ,
The blurryness will fluxuate for a while :eek: . Some days you'll see great, and others not so great. That is normal. My husband is about 6 months post and he still has good and not so good days. Don't want to say bad days, that was pre op. I do drops almost every hour, try more often. I am using Allergan Refresh Liquigel. Two bottles from Costco for $18.00. I have 4 bottles planted all over the place. The doc said those would work fine and I have no probs with them. They're not as jelly as the celluvisc, but not as watery as the regular saline drops. Just food for thought.

Keep us posted

e :)
Well today, both eyes are fine. The left is starting to focus really well, but they take the band-aid off tonight, so things will go fuzzy on me again for a couple of days. Yes, I was blind! :rolleyes: It's great to see this good without lenses. I don't think my right is 20/20 yet and I suspect my left is about 20/100+. I say 100+ because they were adjusting the prescript for 20/100 for a reading eye. So technically, my left eye should not get better than 20/100. I did the monovision thing with my contact lenses and loved it. I could see distance and read up close with no problems. It's not for everyone but it worked great for me. ;)

Yeah, going through the procedure twice is no picnic, but I'm not sure I could have tolerated that burning in both eyes at once. :o I really feel for you, but we both know the worst is over for both of us.

I'm so happy that your left eye is finally coming around. I'm sure it will take several more weeks for perfection (if there is such a thing), but it will get there. Just keep telling me that same thing when I come crying next month that one of my eyes isn't behaving! Moral support is a great thing....

I don't have dry eye syndrome as much as some people. My eyes produced enough tears (above average) from what they told me. That could be why they seem to be healing quicker. That dry eye symdrome really does slow things down because the eyes get so irritated. I'm lucky in that area.

I'll keep you posted. I love chatting with both of you. :bouncing:
Ya know... I don't have the dry eye thing, at all :bouncing: . I think that is a lasik side effect and not a PRK one. In that aspect, we are the lucky ones. I do drop throughout the day, but still, don't have any trouble with that. If I go 3 hours or so without dropping, my eyes feel weird, but I don't think it's necessarily dryness ;) .
I can't wait to hear how your eye does. 20/100 in one eye would drive me nuts. I have 20/20ish in the R and 20/60 in the L, which is clearing up as I said. But I still compare them and can see it sometimes. My R has to work harder to compensate. I find, on my way home from work, around 4:00, things seem to be quite clear. The L is still a bit fuzzy, but it is getting better.
Keep in touch, and as you said, good support, love the chats. It helps when it's someone who has been there.
e :D
Well I got the band-aid off last night and off course, the left eye is fuzzy again. I'm guess this will last a couple of days like the last one. :rolleyes:

20/100 does seem like a huge difference but that's how I did my contacts and it never seemed to bother me. I'm hoping this will be the same type of vision I was used to. Only time will tell I guess. I supposed I could always have it touched up if I didn't like it (which means going through this again! :confused: ). I just don't see the point in getting my eyes fixed but then always having to wear reading glasses. That kind of defeats the purpose of getting out of glasses.

I suppose the hard part is over and I just have to sit back and let them heal. I can't wait to start wearing makeup again, although, I have enjoyed the extra sleep time since I don't have to put it on! It will be so good to get back to normal. :)

Bonita, It's nice to know your "real" name. Hi :wave: . Isn't it the wierdest thing when they come at your eyes with tweezers? Eeeech :nono: . Are they scratchy today? It has taken me almost 8 weeks for mine to settle to where they are now, more my left that is. The right was great from the get go. But it is definitly improving, which makes me sooo happy :bouncing: . Maybe in time, I'll be able to say it was totally worth it. It was with the R. If it keeps improving, I know it will have been worth it. The up close stuff is still a bit fuzzy, but we'll just give that time too, as I really have no choice at this point. I go in on the 22nd so we'll see what they say then.

Although, this doc office kinda pissed me off :mad: . They are right there all the way, until the have your money. I ran out of the script daily drops and they said they did not have any "samples" there so they would call in a script for me. I even said what happens if someone who just got their eyes done needs drops, there are none? They replied with a "yes". So I decided I was done with the stupid drops. I was down to once a day, and only had two weeks to go, so... That may be a contribution as to why I'm seeing better. My eyes may not have liked those particular drops. Who knows... But for $5400. I think another bottle of drops is not too much to ask. And they are not real good at returning phone calls. This is what I paid for :confused: ? Hmmmm.
Well... I'm so glad for you that the absolute worst is over, and I can truely say, "I can relate".
Take care. Write back soon. :p
I know you mentioned the tweezers before but both times, they just took the lens out with their fingers. :confused: I could have done that!

Sounds like your doctor is more into business than health. Is he the one who did the surgery or just the follow up doctor? What a jerk!

I'm going to the actual eye surgery place for my follow-ups because my regular eye doctor is not an affiliated parner. That's fine with me because that's what these guys specialize in and I'd much rather see them instead. ;)

Yea, my real name is Bonita. I must have signed off not thinking because that's how I always sign my emails.

Are you still on the steroid drops or just wetting solution? All I know is that any drops I put in my eye seems to give a cool relief to it. It feels great. Is there such a thing as using too many wetting drops? :confused:

Are you going to need reading glasses eventually or are you not at that stage yet?
B :wave: I just love these smiles,
I went to a laser eye center, and I agree, what jerks :jester: . After the experiences I have had, I think the whole racket is after the money. At over 5K a wack, they are rakeing it in! They usually take do the surgeries in groups of 5 or 6 people. One right after another. A bunch of groups throughout the day. The doc is the one who does the actual surgery. On the initial visit and the day of the actual surgery, you see him, otherwise, you see the other doctors in the office. They all know me now. I'm not a quite girl, especially about this :nono: . Between all the office visits and all the phone calls I placed, they're probably sorry they ever did my eyes :yawn:.

I agree with the removal of the lense. I would have rathered just do it myself too :) .

And yes, the drops I no longer use are the steriod drops. I use wetting drops a LOT, almost every hour, and you can never use too much of them. And yes again, I agree about the feeling right after you drop. Aint it grand?!!

I am wearing glasses for computer/reading. I don't mind, as long as I don't have to wear them for most of the everyday stuff. Hopefully, this vision will clear up too in time. ;)

I work for one of the leading eye companies and I get drops real cheap, but of course, they took me off of those earlier when I was not seeing well, and then I had to go by our biggest competitor's drops. But I find I like bottles better than viles anyhew.

Guess I'm done rattling on now :D . Keep in touch.
My surgery cost $3800 for both eyes. Insurance paid about $600 of it so I am financing $3200 over 18 mo. 0% interest free. I think 5k is pretty steep, but it might depend on the part of the country you are in. California seems to charge higher for almost everything.

I hope those clowns get you fixed right. So far, the experience at my vision center (TLC) has been nothing but professional and caring. They sit so patiently answering all my questions. I almost feel bad that I am asking so many questions, but they never ever rush me. TLC is the same firm that fixed Tiger Wood's eyes and he was a -11.0 in both eyes. Wow. That's really bad vision!

The left eye is still very very fuzzy today, but getting better. As long as I am seeing improvement, even a gradual one, I'm okay with it. I'm seeing well enough to get by without any glasses. :)

20/100 seems like it would be a distortion, but for those who aren't ready for reading glasses yet (Pre-middle age), it would be a distortion. But for people like me, if both eyes were 20/20, the anything within a foot of my face would be blurry. Even food on a plate is blurry. :confused: So when the eyes are adjusted to make one of the weaker, it's not a distortion to us because it brings close and far objects into focus. It's more of a distorion to me, without one eye being adjusted. When I had my lenses this way, I could see perfect all the time. The only time I noticed a difference is when I covered one eye. Both eyes work together really well. And again, it's not for everyone, but I want to be able to see the food on my plate without having to wear reading glasses! Never know when there'll be a bug in there!! :dizzy:

Is your left eye still improving?

I do love these little icons as well. They are so cute and they say a thousand words! :jester:
Ya know Bo :) ,
I did not know that about the 20/20 in one and different in the other. I do see better in the afternoon but up close still sucks. I have to wear reading glasses, but who knows how that'll end up . Hmmm... makes me wonder what his plan for my eyes really is/was :rolleyes:. I will ask questions on the 22nd :confused: . I should really start a list, cuz I forget what day it is if it's not written down.

I can see the computer screen without the glasses, but they help bring it all into a less fuzzy view. So... I'll wear them but as I said before, not all the time :eek: .

Yeppers... The eye is improving :bouncing: , ever so slowly and ever so slightly, but again, as I said, I can see things now, that I couldn't see a few weeks ago, albeit, fuzzy but better. Time will heal this wound as it does all others.

Love the icons too! Wish there were more to choose from :mad: .

We have TLC out here, but I just went to this place cuz my husband did, and a friend here at work did too and it is close to home. I don't think I'll recommend him to anyone else, but I do and will recommend the lasik procedure, not PRK, to anyone thinking of it. And you are right, EVERYTHING is more expensive here. Especially So. Orange County. Even our gasoline :blob_fire .

Keep in touch!!! Going shopping at lunch to buy a right handed ring, real perty, and then off to Kohls. I LOVE to shop!!! It's a disease with me, I am sick and need help!!! But!!! I rarely pay full price for anything! That's the good thing if there is one.

See ya, pardon the pun :wave: !
:wave: So how was the shopping spree?

I love southern Cal. Wish I was there sometimes intead of the rainy midwest. We are getting clobbered today, but we needed the rain, so I won't complain anymore! ;)

Eventually, when your eyes are at the point the mine are, and reading glasses are needed most of the time, you can always try a contact lense in one eye, that will weaken the vision for ready and see how you like it. Most doctors will let you try it for a week or so to see if it's what you want. If you like it, you can keep the lense or have that eye adjusted for reading like I did. It's just bad to look at your plate and see blurry stuff. :confused:

My right eye is three weeks post op now and it's seeing pretty clear, but I would say it's not 20/20 yet. Gee, could I hope for 20/15? :rolleyes:

When you go for your next checkup, ask them if they maybe adjusted your one eye for reading instead of 20/20. It's a legit question. It would be bad if that wasn't what you were expecting, but maybe that's why it's taking so much longer. I can't believe they would do both eyes at the same time. Several docs out here recommend against that, but then again, it all depends on how much you need your eyes for about a week or two. If you don't have to drive anywhere, it's probably not an issue. :yawn:

I'm sure you'll end up fine, but I would ask lots of questions and make sure they don't rush you outta there. :nono:

Take care and I'll try and stay dry! :wave:
ps....I don't have to worry about wearing sunglasses today.... :cool:
Ohhh... the shopping was nill. This particular store didn't have anything.

I probably do not want to go the contact lense route as that is what brought me to this point. After having radial keratotomy 20-25 years ago, my eyes went bad and I have been in contacts for probably about the last 7 or 8 years, I'm not quite sure. I am done with that routine. And an adjustment? Not sure I ever want to experience what I went through again. So I'll just hang and see where I am at the 6 month time frame.

I will definitly ask them about the adjustments that were made and the numbers. When I'm in there, I get plenty of attention, was 2 hours last visit, and that was just a check. Saw 3 different docs. I wanted glasses to tide me over, but they said I could not wear them. Hmmmm...

Our weather is not always sunny. It's cloudy today, rain expected tomorrow and Saturday, and we need it too. Saturday, my husband and I are going into Long Beach to see "Blast", and I hate driving in the rain, but the tix were expensive so we'll tough it out.

Gotta go pee. Write soon.
Going to Long Beach sounds fun. I was there once and my rental car (and several others) had the windows bashed in. Oh well, it was only a rental! But Long Beach was beautiful. We saw the Queen Mary, but didn't go in it. (I was there on business, so time was limited).

We had a bunch of storms here over the weekend, but we needed the rain. However, we got tornados with that. Must have been the weekend special! :rolleyes:

Yeah, I think you're doing the right thing to wait about 6 months, just to see how it balances out. It sounds like your eyes are still gradually changing and probably will for awhile (as will mine). My left eye is getting better everyday so far. Even though it won't be 20/20, I can still read now and see distance. I won't know when my left eye is where it should be until they tell me since it won't be a 20/20 eye. I can still sense some distortion between the two eyes (and I know you know what I'm feeling). But my second eye is a little less than 2 weeks old so I need to give it time. Patience!!

Anyway, I had a good weekend despite the weather. Most of the storms were in the evening so we were able to get daily routines accomplished.

It's still early for you California I won't expect a response so soon! I'm getting hooked on our chats.......(BTW...I have 3 kids, 2 of which got married last year (2 girls, so we're still getting out of debt!)). My youngest is 16 (son) and fortunately all my kids turned out to be awesome. I couldn't be luckier!

Take care and have a good day! :bouncing:

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