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Well today, both eyes are fine. The left is starting to focus really well, but they take the band-aid off tonight, so things will go fuzzy on me again for a couple of days. Yes, I was blind! :rolleyes: It's great to see this good without lenses. I don't think my right is 20/20 yet and I suspect my left is about 20/100+. I say 100+ because they were adjusting the prescript for 20/100 for a reading eye. So technically, my left eye should not get better than 20/100. I did the monovision thing with my contact lenses and loved it. I could see distance and read up close with no problems. It's not for everyone but it worked great for me. ;)

Yeah, going through the procedure twice is no picnic, but I'm not sure I could have tolerated that burning in both eyes at once. :o I really feel for you, but we both know the worst is over for both of us.

I'm so happy that your left eye is finally coming around. I'm sure it will take several more weeks for perfection (if there is such a thing), but it will get there. Just keep telling me that same thing when I come crying next month that one of my eyes isn't behaving! Moral support is a great thing....

I don't have dry eye syndrome as much as some people. My eyes produced enough tears (above average) from what they told me. That could be why they seem to be healing quicker. That dry eye symdrome really does slow things down because the eyes get so irritated. I'm lucky in that area.

I'll keep you posted. I love chatting with both of you. :bouncing:
Bonita, It's nice to know your "real" name. Hi :wave: . Isn't it the wierdest thing when they come at your eyes with tweezers? Eeeech :nono: . Are they scratchy today? It has taken me almost 8 weeks for mine to settle to where they are now, more my left that is. The right was great from the get go. But it is definitly improving, which makes me sooo happy :bouncing: . Maybe in time, I'll be able to say it was totally worth it. It was with the R. If it keeps improving, I know it will have been worth it. The up close stuff is still a bit fuzzy, but we'll just give that time too, as I really have no choice at this point. I go in on the 22nd so we'll see what they say then.

Although, this doc office kinda pissed me off :mad: . They are right there all the way, until the have your money. I ran out of the script daily drops and they said they did not have any "samples" there so they would call in a script for me. I even said what happens if someone who just got their eyes done needs drops, there are none? They replied with a "yes". So I decided I was done with the stupid drops. I was down to once a day, and only had two weeks to go, so... That may be a contribution as to why I'm seeing better. My eyes may not have liked those particular drops. Who knows... But for $5400. I think another bottle of drops is not too much to ask. And they are not real good at returning phone calls. This is what I paid for :confused: ? Hmmmm.
Well... I'm so glad for you that the absolute worst is over, and I can truely say, "I can relate".
Take care. Write back soon. :p
:wave: So how was the shopping spree?

I love southern Cal. Wish I was there sometimes intead of the rainy midwest. We are getting clobbered today, but we needed the rain, so I won't complain anymore! ;)

Eventually, when your eyes are at the point the mine are, and reading glasses are needed most of the time, you can always try a contact lense in one eye, that will weaken the vision for ready and see how you like it. Most doctors will let you try it for a week or so to see if it's what you want. If you like it, you can keep the lense or have that eye adjusted for reading like I did. It's just bad to look at your plate and see blurry stuff. :confused:

My right eye is three weeks post op now and it's seeing pretty clear, but I would say it's not 20/20 yet. Gee, could I hope for 20/15? :rolleyes:

When you go for your next checkup, ask them if they maybe adjusted your one eye for reading instead of 20/20. It's a legit question. It would be bad if that wasn't what you were expecting, but maybe that's why it's taking so much longer. I can't believe they would do both eyes at the same time. Several docs out here recommend against that, but then again, it all depends on how much you need your eyes for about a week or two. If you don't have to drive anywhere, it's probably not an issue. :yawn:

I'm sure you'll end up fine, but I would ask lots of questions and make sure they don't rush you outta there. :nono:

Take care and I'll try and stay dry! :wave:
ps....I don't have to worry about wearing sunglasses today.... :cool:

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