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Well today, both eyes are fine. The left is starting to focus really well, but they take the band-aid off tonight, so things will go fuzzy on me again for a couple of days. Yes, I was blind! :rolleyes: It's great to see this good without lenses. I don't think my right is 20/20 yet and I suspect my left is about 20/100+. I say 100+ because they were adjusting the prescript for 20/100 for a reading eye. So technically, my left eye should not get better than 20/100. I did the monovision thing with my contact lenses and loved it. I could see distance and read up close with no problems. It's not for everyone but it worked great for me. ;)

Yeah, going through the procedure twice is no picnic, but I'm not sure I could have tolerated that burning in both eyes at once. :o I really feel for you, but we both know the worst is over for both of us.

I'm so happy that your left eye is finally coming around. I'm sure it will take several more weeks for perfection (if there is such a thing), but it will get there. Just keep telling me that same thing when I come crying next month that one of my eyes isn't behaving! Moral support is a great thing....

I don't have dry eye syndrome as much as some people. My eyes produced enough tears (above average) from what they told me. That could be why they seem to be healing quicker. That dry eye symdrome really does slow things down because the eyes get so irritated. I'm lucky in that area.

I'll keep you posted. I love chatting with both of you. :bouncing:

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