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Hi All,

Thanks for all the input and advice.

I used Systane a few days following the surgery, but for some reason when I used it, I had a lot of gunk in my eyes right afterwards--therefore, I stopped using it. Maybe this was because of the surgery. I’ll take your advice and try Systane again for a few days and see how I feels. I know it’s a lot cheaper, but I don’t wanna be cheap on my eyes… Does anyone else have anyone else have any warnings about Refresh Endura or Celluvisic?

My vision is definitely not as sharp today and does not feel as good as they did yesterday. My left eye is a little blurry today. I am also on the computer 24/7 at work, and want something that will protect my eyes while they are healing. That’s why I tried the Celluvisic—cuz it’s supposed to coat my eyes. My eyes get very drained from staring at this darn computer screen all day.

Every now and then I experience a little pain near the side of my eyes that gives me a slight headache as well. I am not sure why this is… It’s usually on the right side.

I usually wake up in the middle of the night and put eye drops and more ointment in my eye as a precaution. I don’t want my eyes to dry out while I’m sleeping. I don’t like the why any of the Gel’s that I have tried feelsI have tried refresh and thera tear. I hated Thera Tear. Is it easy to sleep with a night mask on? I know I had a lot of trouble sleeping with that protective goggles the 1st week.

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