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Michelle and I are just 2 of a few people on this board that can tell you for sure that dryness/dry spots do absolutely cause vision fluctuations! The fact that you weren't using any eye drops at first is almost definitely the reason for your problem. I can not stress enough the need to keep your eyes moist. Moisture is one of the key factors to your post-op healing. Just consider how much our bodies depend on water to survive. Aren't we something like 70 or 90% water? I don't remember the percentage but, I know it is some huge number. That includes our eyes. And, you may feel that lashy feeling even in there isn't a lash in your eye. That is due to the dryness. But, don't depend of the feeling of your eye to tell you whether they are dry. As my doc told me, your eye can be as dry as the desert and you won't have a dryness sensation. So, LUBRICATE as if your eye sight depended on it. And, I know I sound repetitive if you have ever read any of my other posts, but make sure the drops you get say Non-preserved or Preservative Free on the packaging. It is the only kind you should be using. Any drops with preservatives can and probably will cause you more issues and irritate your eyes.

Take care!

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