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Hi Michelle,

Thanks for you comforting words.

As I’m writing this my vision seems to have gotten blurrier in both eyes. The more drops I use the more dry my eyes seem to get. I’m wondering if it’s because, as you have mentioned, that my nerves may have began to heal. I’ve been trying to lube them up every hour or so, and when they feel dry as well. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that my vision will improve. At work, I’m on the computer like 100% of the time—so that may have also contributed to some dryness.

It was a little hard driving this morning as everything was a little fuzzy and foggy. I’m even having a little trouble writing this post as well. I was told that custom wavefront lasik was supposed to mitigate a lot of these factors.

I have another checkup with the doctor tomorrow. Are there any questions that you recommend that I ask? The last time I can in, I was never really told or asked if my eyes have been healing properly. They made me feel like my eyes should improve within the next few days if I lube them.

Thanks again for your comforting words.

Hey James,
We had our lasik done the same day wohoo! I got mine on the 24th as well. I guess I'll talk about my experience thus far and it may help give some guidance or be some useful feedback. I can relate.

Like you I started experiencing my left eye getting blurry a few days after, I think sooner than when yours did, it's been this way for about 5 days now.
I have ghosting too - I think that is what the shadows are?
Now I am noticing that my right eye is starting to blur a little, for me it has been real crisp up until.
The left eye blurriness is definitely consistent but the right eye just started, I think it is due to lack of sleep and over use of my eyes with the computer(I stare at a computer all day). I plan on getting good rest tonight, laying off the comp. and hopefully that will help it clear up tomorrow.

I haven't had a problem with dry eyes luckily but I have been using the drops religiously anyways. The night time gel I started using right after.
One thing about the night time gel is I noticed that when I use too much, it leaves my vision real foggy the next day. When I use slightly less than recommended, for about 4-5 hours after I wake it stays foggy and it usually clears up by noon or so. I get headaches if I try to use my vision too much or strain too much b/c of the fogginess.

Right when I wake up I have difficulty with my eyes.
After blinking a couple of times and putting some drops in, I can use them normally but I guess it is a form of soreness too. This has been improving everyday, I think today was the best my "wakeup eyes" have been.

I hope my left eye gets better, from what I have read here and from what I have talked to my Dr about is that it should. I am sure for you and I it will, we just have to be patient. Right now I can see better than when I could wearing glasses or contacts so in the bigger picture I guess I really can't complain but I really want that left eye vision to be as crisp as the right!

Couple of other things I noticed...
When allergies are bad my eyes tend to struggle a little. Lack of sleep does no good either, I have been real careful to get lots of rest, but slacked off the past couple of days.

Before I had my lasik done I had them put in some Punctal Plugs to prevent dryness even though they said I didn't need them. They plug up your tear duct and help with the dryness post-op. I did it b/c that seemed to be people's no. 1 complaint.

Before my surgery my left eye was the strong and better vision eye, now it is my right eye that is strong post-op.
I think my brain is taking time adjusting to it. I notice that if I look at something real fast or move my head real fast in the mirror it takes me a second to focus my eyes or adjust. Eye reflex a little slow.

Every now and then I get little pains in my eyes but not on the cornea. They go away as quick as they come. I am not sure why. Anyone else experiencing this? I think it may be the hemorraging clearing up (slight hem. from suction cup device).

For drops I use Systane, I am not sure how good or bad systane is. It seems to at least get the job done? I have no complaints. I use Natural for the nightime gel.

I apologize in advance for the long post but I am just coming forth with as much info as possible to share.

Take care,
I'll look into the sleeping mask. I like the way my eyes feel when I use the ointment already, so hopefully that will be enuf.

I have stopped using the Systane drops. They seem to make my eyes feel drye. I'm just using the Refresh Celluvisic now, and only use about 5 vials a day.

Thanks for all your support and help. My eyes have been feeling a little bit better. The only time it really gets try is when I'm on the computer a lot or at night time when I'm watching TV. I don't think I blink enough.
I am considering having Lasik surgery. I have experienced some dry problems due to computer work and use lubricants regularly. Will Lasik further complicate my problem? Should I dro the idea of having surgery?

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