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I am 27 years old and I have been wearing glasses/contacts scince I was 7 I have 20/800 vision in both eyes with a bad astigmatism. I have wanted this for so long but I am worried because I am a mechanic and I am worried about the dust and infection. I can olny take one week off of work is that enough. Oh I am having PRK on 3-30-2006. Can anyone give me any advise.
Thank you
Lee, I just had PRK on my right eye on 2/15 and my left eye on 3/1. They strongly advised me not to do both eyes at once because with PRK, they heal much slower than lasik patients. You will have fuzzy vision for about a week (which is why they leave one eye untouched). The untreated eye can wear a contact lense while the other heals. Then when the first eye is strong enough (mine was strong enough after about 6 days), then you can have the other done. They usually advise to wait 2 or more weeks between eyes.

The first two days were the worst for me, in that the eyes burned and watered a lot. Very sensitive to light for a few days too. I would definately consult with your doctor about doing one eye at a time. I had both mine done on a Wednesday, and was back at work on Friday. Although, the air and flourescent lights in the office made me miserable, so I only lasted about 6 hourse both Fridays. But by Monday I was fine. A week will definately do it. After about 3 or 4 days I was good.

PRK is a safer procedure, just a longer healing time. You won't get that perfect vision as quick as lasik patients do. You have to prepare to be very patient about that. However, my right eye obtained 20/40 vision in less than a week and about 20/25 on the days my second eye was done. It's still healing and I'm hoping for 20/15. We'll see! (no pun on words...). ;)

Good luck and feel free to ask many questions. Check out the "One eye at a time with PRK" forum" There is an earlier one prior to the most current forum. Both titled the same. For some reason, the closed the first forum and continued it on a second forum. Go figure......


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