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Hello my fellow dry eye sufferers. I just wanted to let you know that, a year, one month and 3 weeks after my surgery, I may be kicking the dry eye issue. I still have really, almost painfully dry eyes first thing in the AM when I get out of bed. But, here is how great it is during the day. I decided to throw caution to the wind this past weekend. About 3 months (more but probably less) ago, I decreased my usage of my drops from every 2 hours to every 4 hours. Last week and the week before I started noticing that, after I would put drops in at my noon time dosage, my left eye would get gritty, sore...just really uncomfortable for about an hour or more. I started thinking that, maybe if I didn't put the drop in my eye until I felt like I needed it, since my eyes would feel decent before each drop time, maybe...just eye would be ok. So, Friday, I skipped my noon time drop. So, Saturday, I slacked...all day. I only put drops in when I woke up and, I think I remember putting a drop or two in throughout the day because, I think I remember having a scratchy feeling. But, it could just be that that was something I had been dealing with over the past year, so much, that I think I remember it but it might have been another day. Anyway, I dropped my eyes before I went to bed, then again Sunday AM when I got up. And, for the rest of the day Sunday, I ignored my eye drops. Dropped my eyes before bed Sunday night, and, other than the drops I put in first thing in the AM yesterday morning and the 3 or so I put in once I got to work until about 10 AM yesterday morning, I didn't put any drops in my eyes all day yesterday until after I took my shower and as I was crawling into bed. I dropped this AM when I got up, they are fine now and, I don't intend to drop them again until bed time tonight...unless I feel that I need to.

Dare I say it? Was I actually dropping them into annoyance once I decreased my drop times from every 2 hours to every 4 hours? I think I am on the way to a nearly full recovery.


Take care and I hope I was instrumental in providing you a little bit of further hope this AM!
Thank you for the Systane suggestion. I just worry about the stuff that goes from preserved to non-preserved inside the eye. I think the stuff I was using before my doc told me to use the Systane said that it does the same thing. I can't remember for sure though so, just to be safe...and to keep myself from regressing from my progress, I'll stick with what is working!

I can't believe that I was doing more harm than good by over lubricating! What a fool I feel like. But, in my defense, I was going by what I had been experiencing as little as a couple months ago. I only lubricated 3 times yesterday. When I first woke up, after my shower around 10 pm, and then just before I laid my head on my pillow. My eyes feel pretty good. I have a little bit of irritation in my left eye right now but, nothing unbareable and, just before I left for work this AM, I had a poking something that may or may not have been an eyelash since it happened as I was finishing putting on my makeup and it went away just like that. So, I am sure that this irritation will pass soon enough. I am loving the fact that I haven't had to stick to a rigid dropping schedule since Saturday.

Have you backed off on your drops schedule at all? If not, you should try it too. I know it is scary but, I am glad I decided to brave it out and go for it!

Take care and chat later!

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