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Hi Cortney!!!

So glad to hear about your recent progress!!! I do think that overusing drops can cause more problems. Apparently it rinses away your natural tear film, and if you tear film is slightly unstable to begin with (like ours is!) it will be uncomfortable for a while. I have had the same reaction as you where my eye feels good, I put in the drops, and wham...painful again.

JKM - As already mentioned, most of the preservative free drops are in the individual droppers. Systane is actually one of the lesser pricy of the drops. There are some bottled products that are said to be "preservative free in the eye". They contain some sort of dissolving preservative that is not supposed to irritate your eye, so you might want to give these a shot. I believe that all of the GenTeal products (mild, moderate, moderate/severe, as well as the severe gel) are preservative free in the eye and they all come in a bottle, except the gel, which comes in a tube. Also, Systane has a new liquid gel product out called Systane free (you might want to look into this too Cortney) which comes in a bottle and is preservative free in the eye. I have used this, and I like it alot. It is not as thick as the other gels, but is nice and soothing.

Hi girls! are totally NOT a baby! Dry eye really sucks, we all know that. And it is really hard to deal with. That is why it is so nice to have these other girls around for support! Missy talked me into using the Bion Tears too! I use either them, or the Systane Free liquid gel. I also use the Genteal gel at night, and I like that alot. The thing with the ointment is that since it doesn't mix with your tears well, it might make your tear film unstable. I did notice that my eyes were worse when I was using the ointment. Since you had erosions, it makes sense that you needed to use it, but now that the erosions are gone and you are not using the Muro, hopefully things will improve for you! :bouncing:

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