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I have moderate myopic and my dr at "the eye center" recommended monovision since I have recently started using reading glasses for small print. He gave me a pair of contacts to try it out (it has been 2 days) and everything so far seems ok with it. They are going to use customvue myopic correction on my dominate eye and just lasik myopic correction on the near eye. Has anyone tried this, is contacts a good indication if you will be able to take it permanently with surgery? how is the mid range vision with this? I am set to go back in 2 weeks to tell them how I like it.
I just had PRK done on both eyes. My right eye is my dominant eye and my left eye is my reading eye. My right eye was done a month ago and my left eye is 2 weeks post op (so it's still trying to stabilize).

I did monovision for a few years with contacts and took to it immediately. I had no problems whatsoever and loved it. So I had it done with my eyes and so far, so good. But I think another few weeks will tell the whole story since I'm still early in my post-op stage.

My left eye was adjusted for 20/100 (as opposed to 20/20 for my right eye). He said this will definately keep my out of reading glasses. Right now, I'm noticing a slight distortion between the two eyes. My right eye is close to 20/25 (and still healing). My left is still worse than 20/100 for the moment. With PRK (instead of lasik) the healing process takes much longer. My eyes should hopefully stabilize in a few more weeks.

I can keep you posted on the progress. Chances are, if you are okay with contacts (monovision), you'll do fine with monovision lasik. Even though my left eye is not quite there yet, I can read pretty well with it. My right eye is good at distance but blurred when trying to read. So hopefully the left eye will heal soon. Right now, the left eye is still a little blurry on distance (it should still see some distance pretty good, even at 20/100).

Let me know what you decide to do.
I had monovision lasik 9 months ago. I was already doing monovision with my I was already used to it. I have not had any trouble since my surgery. If you do OK with the trial contact.....go for it. Beats using reading glasses.
Good Luck!!!

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