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My girlfriend at the time and I had the LASIK surgery in Canada in May 2000. We were both heavily myopic - I was about -6 and she was something like -7! Back then the latest generation B&L Lasers with on-the-fly tracking of contours of your eyes were available only in Canada (not yet in U.S.), and the price was only about $1000. for BOTH eyes, so it was a no brainer. Off to Canada!

We were both deemed good candidates for the surgery with thick corneas and not too steep contours, etc. Good tearing.

The night of the surgery my eyes flat out HURT as if they were filled with sand, but within a day the pain was gone and the dry eyes disappeared within a couple of weeks. She had a similar experience, although my vision was already clearing up the day after the surgery (I could read license plates from far away as we were being driven around at night even), while she pretty much had to be led around like a bind person.

We both went to as good as 20-15 within 90 days of the surgery. However, she went downhill rapidly after that and was -2 or even worse myopic within 6 months of surgery. The place we went to had a lifetime guarantee for subsequent surgeries, but she was over it and decided to just go back to wearing contact lenses. So, for her, the surgery was a failure.

For me, I stayed at 20-15 for a year or so, then 20-20 for a couple of years, and then gradually my vision drifted to as bad as 20-35 at night. I am in my thirties. Right now my close up vision is exceptional - supposedly astonishingly perfect, but at night I need to get some glasses, especially for driving.

I can't go back for that lifetime guarantee because the place in Canada went bankrupt. The reason I hesitate on another surgery locally is that supposedly if I do this my myopia will be corrected but then my superior close up vision will go back to the average vision of someone my age. Remember that 100% of people need reading glasses as they age. For whatever reason my close up vision is locked in to something so crystal clear that the doctors are shaking their heads and saying I may never need reading glasses at this rate, UNLESS I do another LASIK. So, I hesitate to go in for surgery when I'll just have to switch the current need for far away glasses with close up ones.

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