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Thanks for the input, both of you. I think mine is still adjusting from the actual procedure, I am barely over the one month mark. It does come and go, and I think that it comes more when I worry about how things are going,,,if that makes sense.

What are you using to take makeup off your eyes? I haven't been using much eye makeup out of paranoia.
I am not the best person to ask about how I remove my eye makeup. I have very sensitive skin both around my eyes and all over so, while I can use something to remove the makeup on my face, I can't use anything but water and a wet cloth to wipe off my eye makeup. I don't wear mascara so, the water works better for me than it would for those who wear makeup that is more difficult to remove. You should use a cotton ball and gently run (not really rub) it across your eyelids. In my first month, I used Saline on a cotton ball. Not Saline Solution. That is different. My doc told me to get Saline and use that to cleanse the area around my eyes. You can best find it at a hospital pharmacy. I couldn't find it in the grocery store pharmacy. I actually had to go to my local hospital and ask for "Non-preserved" or "preservative free" Saline. Tell them it is the same stuff that a doctor would use to flush out a flesh wound. That was the only way that I could actually get the pharmacists to understand what I was asking for. Again, it is not "Saline Solution". That is specifically for contact wearers and is preserved. Keep in mind that if you use the Saline (which is just salt and water), if you get it in your eyes it will burn like the center of the Earth. But, that being said, I never got it in my eyes. I didn't soak the cotton ball but just got it damp enough to be able to tell that there was moisture on it when I ran it across my eyelids. That should help you take your makeup off a little. It isn't great but, in the early stages of your recovery, it is the best cleaning solution.

Sorry I was so long winded.
Take care and keep in touch!

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