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Forgive me because I have the worst memory of anyone I know. I think it has to do with my minor insomnia and night terrors but, I would guess that that is another board entirely. Anyway, as I have such a poor memory and am feeling too lazy this AM to go look it up, do I remember correctly that you had PRK? Or did you have regular Lasik? Anyway, if you had PRK, I can't really speak to your situation specifically when compared to mine. I had regular lasik. But, I can tell you that my surgery was not without its post-op complications. I suffered (and still do first thing in the AM and occassionally on some days throughout the day) from dry eye. I am sure I have told you but, my surgery was January 19, 2005. I only just stopped having to use my eye drops every 4 hours 2 weeks ago. And, that was after I stopped using my drops every 2 hours roughly 3 months +/- ago. I still need them in the AM as soon as I wake up because my eyes feel like egg shells. Anyway, for the first 5 months after my surgery, my eyes were blurry throughout most of the days. That was based on the dryness and the healing. It was annoying but, bareable. I think I could deal with it because I just had faith that it would get better and straighten out eventually. The dryness made my eyes hurt. I almost constantly felt like there was an eyelash in my eyes.

Just this weekend, I had a painful moment with my left eye where it felt like there was sand in it and I kept rubbing and rubbing and, the next day, the area around my eye felt like it was bruised. It was so sensitive to touch.

Another complication post-op was that there were some cells under the edge of my left flap. That can be irritating. It can also be a problem if the cells continue to grow. Fortunately, mine didn't. I haven't seen my regular eye doc since September so, I don't know if those cells are gone. But, since my eyes are better now as far as the dryness goes, I am not worried. Anyway, the fluctuation is common. If you are really concerned, you should go visit your regular eye doc...not your lasik doc. Your regular eye doc has nothing to lose by being totally honest with you. My Lasik Doc (while I have no regrets and would do it again) was not 100% honest with me about what I was experiencing, why and any potential dangers that I may face (back then). He just kept telling me that he saw some dry patches and told me to keep re-wetting/using my eye drops. My regular eye doc told me about the cells under my flap, suggested I use different drops, and just explained all of the potential problems I could face with the cells under my flap but, also told me what to look for, and that it wasn't likely that I would have a problem based on what he saw. He ran several tests and did a really thorough exam.

Ok! So, now that I have bored you to death with my saga, I hope that I was in some way helpful. My point is that, it does get better. It can be frustrating and scary. But, when you are really worried, pay a visit to your regular eye doc. He or she will have a vested interest in making sure that you heal well.

Take care and keep in touch.

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