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Re: Healing Time?
Mar 29, 2006
Thanks for the reply. I know I should be more patient but it is soo annoying to not be able to see. Mine doesn't even seem to fluctuate - it is steady, I just can't see clearly far away in either eye (they are both equally bad).

I was told I have just a slight bit of astigmatism in my right eye. I had been told by more than one dr that it wasn't even enought to correct for in my glasses/contacts. It never bothered me with glasses/contacts. I do remember that if I was trying to read something and I didn't have my glasses/contacts with me I would always instinctively close my right eye (not to mention hold what I was reading about 3 inches from my face). I was told I would close that eye b/c the very slight astigmatism. I didn't even realize I was doing it until someone else pointed it out. It is crazy how my brain knew to do this even though consciously I had no idea why (or is even that) I was doing it.

Did anyone also get pressure headaches? I keep taking tylenol but I feel pressure right behind and above my eyebrows. I'm not sure this is from the lasik or from me just not being able to see.

OK - I will try to calm down. What's done is done anyway - worrying about whether it is undercorrected it won't change it now.

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