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No need to apologize for a long reply. I look forward to them, as I know I'll be reading some good information.
I was not at all prepared for this, as we were all expecting LASIK. The PRK was sprung on me that day just a few hours before the procedure. I had absolutely no information on it at all.
As for the soreness, I really haven't experience that. And I work on a computer from 9-5. This week, as opposed to last week, I've been logging on to my computer at home to check mail, pay bills and surf. Last week I would come home, put my lovely sunglasses on, turn off the lights in my bedroom and listen to TV (couldn't really see/make anything out). While my vision still isn't all that great, I don't always wear the glasses, but am able to leave the lights on and sort of watch tv.
I'm using drops like crazy. I went through the 1oz bottle of tears w/in a week last week.
I had an appointment this morning, but the Dr. was late, again, and my ride had to go, so I left w/out seeing her. She came in as I was walking out. So I threw a couple questions at her, like when can I sleep without those darn goggles?? I hate them. When can I take a shower w/o worrying about getting water in my eyes, when can I go back to the gym, and the most important question: WHEN CAN I WEAR MAKE-UP?????
I go back in Saturday morning. Hopefully my little abrasion I got Sunday will have healed and they can put in a slightly corrective lense to help me see better so I can start driving. I have a hockey game to go to and need to drive myself up there.
I had a much better week this week. Last week was just absolutely HORRIBLE. I know part of the reason I am having a better week is due to the corrective lense in my left eye. Unfortunately. I would like to think it's because my eyes are healing and I can get rid of the lenses completely. I really do not like sleeping w/contacts. It feels like my eye lids are glued shut when I wake up. I'm sure you know the feeling.
Anywho...thank you, again, for hte info. No worries about the length. Look at min!

Here's to a good exam on Saturday (fingers crossed).


[QUOTE=bowriter]Hi again....I'm glad to hear that things are getting better for you. Those first two weeks are so delicate, that if people are going to panic about their eyes, that's the time it happens. I think they could have better prepared you for what to expect as far as outcome.
Things to expect:
- vision will flucuate often, especially the first 2 to 3 weeks. Sometimes a slight double vision, to clear, to blurry. This is expected to happen off and on. I haven't noticed it happening much after the first month.
- you might have some glare and halos at night. Mine was never that bad and only lasted about one week. I took the Vitamin C, so I'm not sure that's what gave me the great night vision or if I was lucky. But it can't hurt to try.
- your eyes will often feel sore, likey they are tired. The wetting drops will help because the soreness is from dry eye. You will have a lot of this if you work with computers. When I'm not working a PC all day (like weekends), I never notice dry eye. I rarrely use those drops away from a PC.
- perfect vision will not come quickly. Mine still isn't there yet, but it's close. Again, my right eye is almost 2 months post-op. Other PRk patients that I know said they established close to or perfect vision by 3 months.

Hope this helps. I know I wrote you a book yesterday so I will try to keep this shorter. Let me know how your appointments go. If they are seeing you two days in a row, that tells me that they are taking good care of you...we hope![/QUOTE]

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