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Those of you who have had PRK, what is your night vision like? I'm nine weeks post-op and my night vision still sucks. There is no difference between now and before the surgery. I spoke to the Dr's office today and was told that it takes longer for night vision to improve. I called to ask about this, in particular, because when I had an appointment last week, I mentioned it to the opthamologist. He told me they 'didn't correct my night vision. They only correced my prescription.' ???? HUH??? How can they correct your prescripton only??? Isn't the way I see at night part of it? I was completely confused. The girl I talked to this afternoon said that might have been a misunderstanding and, again, my night vision should improve.
What about you guys??? Please tell me it does improve after your day vision improves.

Thanks :)
Hey, Chris. Glad to hear you're doing better. I wasn't up to 20/40 (legal driving vision) until about two weeks, post-op. And that was with slightly corrective lenses from the Dr. I had those for one, or two (I can't remember) weeks until I stopped wearing them and had naked eyes for the first time in 15 years. My next appointment isn't until July 22nd-four months post-op. Last visit I was 20/30 in my left eye and 20/40 (still) in my right eye. Funny thing is, my right eye was stronger before the procedure. Go figure.
How is your night vision doing? Mine STILL sucks. I need to find out what the heck is going on with that. One girl in the office said that takes longer to heal than day vision. Huh? The opthamologist said I wasn't corrected for night vision. Huh?? ***? No clue. I've taken to wearing +1.25 magnifying glasses at night once in a while. Lights are still as blurry as before the procedure. But with the mag. glasses, it's not as bad. Still bad, only very slightly improved. Still pretty darn frustrating.'ll continue to improve. It's just a long process.


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