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I had PRK a year ago this June on both eyes. I am so ahppy with the results! At first I wasn't sure I had done the right think! It takes a few weeks for everything the settle down. The first week I could tell that I was seeing better than with contacts but not enough to get by. After three weeks, I was 20/20! The only thing I can tell differently about my eyes since PRK is they are more sensitive to sunlight (so I just have sunglasses with me) and they are alot more sensitive if I get something in them. I don't know if that is because I wore contacts for close to 20 years and am not used to not having them there as protection or what. Anyway, I would do it again! Good luck! I hope you are as happy as me with your results!
Epi Lasik 6/8/06
I was also told 10 minutes before surgery that He wanted to do Epi Lasik instead if Lasik. I wasn't afarid because I think they gave me the valum before they told me cause they knew I'd be relaxed. I have a well respected surgeon in Michigan Dr. Reza Rahmani, He told me the results would be just as good or better than Traditional Lasik, and all he said was healing would "Take a little bit" After 4 days, I thought I had @#$%^& up my vision because I had NO @#$%^&* IDEA what to expect. So I have spent all my post op days researching the procedure I had. It seems like there were others who got slipped a "mickey Finn" at the last minute also. I must admit that my 1 week post op was 20/40 boths eyes and 20/30 combined, It has been twelve days and my vion is about equal with my glasses. I have little doubt that that I will settle 20/20 or better, however, I felt alone & afarid for, and still do a little bit. I know I'm an outside sine I had Epi-lasik and not PRK, but maybe I'll start an Epi-Lasik Forum..

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