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I dont know if anyone still posts on this board, but I thought I would extend a thank-you to you all for reassuring me that what I am going through right now is normal. I just had PRK done at the Valley Eye Care Center 1 week ago tomorrow... needless to say I can't see very much and I've been trying to do research on what is normal versus abnormal at the 1-week marker and I've seen doctors say most patients have 20/40 or better; I had 20/40ish one day after the surgery, but today when they took the bandage contact out I suddenly dropped to 20/60ish... extremely frustrating. But it sounds like you all have been through this already, so I feel definitely more at ease with my condition. I will try to update you on my progress just in case anyone else is where I am now and would benefit from another example on these boards. So thanks-again; reading these forums just dropped my blood-pressure and worry-meter a ton.



A little bit about my prescription:

Left Eye Operated 6-7-06 Custom PRK
Right Eye Scheduled 6-29-06 Custom PRK


Left -4.5 diopters
Chose PRK for thin corneas and large pupils and I'm also thinking about joining the Navy if Law School doesn't work out and thats what they prefer. I also had custom wavemapping and I've decided to take vitamin C 1000mg daily post surgery.


Day 1- 20/40ish vision and slight halos and starbursting at night; really a fair amount of pain because they didn't tell me when to start my numbing drops and I fell asleep for a few hours after the surgery... I woke up to a freight-train running through my eye... not very fun for about 45minutes until my drugs and drops kicked in. The surgery was very quick and smooth with no pain. That smell of burning is slightly unnerving though.

Day4- Vision about the same, but halos are smaller and starbursting at night seems to be better, reading is extremely hard at times, but I'm getting used to the double vision..I tried driving to the grocery store, that was a mistake and I won't try that again.

Day7- 20/60ish vision after bandage contact
was removed; very frustrating

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