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Define focus: Are you having problems seeing things (blurriness, etc.) or do your eyes feel sore, like they are dry? It's also possible that you have some ghosting going on as the corneas are trying to focus themselves. (like adjusting binoculars to make the object more clear). When was your procedure done?

It could take several weeks to be rid of blurriness and ghosting because the corneas need time to heal.
I have a little bit of ghosting still in my right eye (and left). My procedure was done on 2/15. I was told that because of my astigmatism, that ghosting could be an issue until the astigmatism starts is gone or almost gone. That's what's causing it. The procedure will also get rid of the astigmatism, but it can take some time. Have them check that progress when you return. I'm guessing you had an astigmatism. It should gradually get better.

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