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Lasik danger!!
Apr 8, 2006
Just would like to warn others about Lasik danger. I was sucked into it because of the Intralase thinking it`s safer than the blade. It caused me so much pain and suffering. I`m 3 months out of it and didn`t have a single happy day! It`s very, very dangerous. I see some people are happy with it, well, this is pure luck...I thought I would be happy too.. There`s nothing worse than messing up with the eyes. Glasses are not much fun, but you won`t die from wearing them, as I believe now, you can die from Lasik. If you have problems, chances are you`ll be worrying all the time, depressed, not being able to work, actually, not being able to do anything because your eyes hurt and you can`t see, it could be very disruptive to your life...Imagine if you have to study or work and have these problems? I`m experiencing all these "nice" things now... What if that happens to you? Unless you`ll have the greatest surgeon in the world and the blade procedure? Or will be lucky? Are there any guarantees? I don`t know. The healing period could be very difficult.. All I know I`m having it. People say it should get better. But at what cost? If I only knew it would be like this I would be very happy with my glasses. Eyes are too precious to risk. Again, my procedure was Intralase with a well known doctor in our area..
Re: Lasik danger!!
Apr 9, 2006
I totally agree with your post with the exception that you can die from it.
I had one of the best surgeons in the country. He did Tiger Wood's eyes, and i have all the complications that you did from it. If hindsight was 20/20, I would stay happy with my contacts and glasses
Re: Lasik danger!!
Apr 10, 2006
Did you have Intralase or the blade? What are your complications?
To die I meant you can have a nervous breakdown or smth like that, who knows what can happen?
How long have you been out of the surgery?
Actually, today I feel a little better, I think I`m getting used to it...It has been 3 months and a week since my surgery..
Re: Lasik danger!!
Apr 11, 2006
I had intralase. Paid alot more for it because it was supposed to be more accurate with less risk of complications.
LOL...i agree with the nervous breakdown part.
I had severe corneal edema right after my surgery, which was Dec 21. All i could see afterwards for 2 weeks was a complete blur, and i was legally blind. My left eye resolved and i see 20/30 out of it. My right eye healed unevenly and left me overcorrected with astigmatism. It is 20/100. I have ghosting, halos and starbursts at night, and cannot read without a contact in, or glasses. So, next week, i am going to be scheduled to have it corrected. I am afraid to have it done, but i will give it 2 tries.
Re: Lasik danger!!
Apr 11, 2006
This is absolutely ridiculous what you told us about your complications. Mine were just trouble focusing, weird vision for the 1st month or so (very different from what I saw with glasses), slight blurriness in the right eye due to some swelling probably (the pupil in that eye was slightly bigger than in the other one) but according to them it`s 20/15 in both eyes.. Plus it seems like they did change the way my eyes look as well.. 2 months of crapy vision and eye pain did the damage to my emotional state and I don`t care about this Lasik crap vision any more.
Give me my glasses and my natural eyes back for God`s sake! What a relief that would be! I could never imagine I could cause myself so much suffering!
I really believe now that this Intralase crap is much worse than the blade.
Did they tell you about possible complications before the procedure?
I can`t remember if they warned me before the procedure of what actually happened to me afterwards... I really was under impression that Intralase doesn`t have any complications.. They never mentioned it could take forever (if ever) for the eyes to heal..
Re: Lasik danger!!
Apr 12, 2006
The complications were in the fine print, and i was told i was a perfect candidate. The minor complications were discussed. Unfortunately, i found out the hard way how bad they could be. I wish i could go back to, to never having it done.
Re: Lasik danger!!
May 15, 2006
I have to agree with you! I am so depressed and wish I could take things back on this decission! If I can keep one more person from going through this hell, then I will feel better! I had lasik surgery one month ago and haven't been the same since. I thought I had made the best decision for me and instead have been depressed and wondering why I allowed to be talked into this! It's been a constant blur yet the examiners say I am 20/40. I am not sure what average they are considering, but I would rather have my old glasses back! They tell me to give it time. However, I don't think I can continue to have nausea from the constant blurred vision. I can't drive at night because of the major halos and star burst! I fear for my children's lives when I am behind the wheel at night as well as day. My eyes are constantly dry and feel like a dirty contact is on my eyes at all times! I would not recommend this to any one!! I would have gladly kept the several thousand dollars and spent it on new glasses as I would need them. The commercials are VERY misleading! The worst decision I have ever made!
Re: Lasik danger!!
May 20, 2006
Hiya Guys

My name is Christine and I am from Scotland.

I just want to say how sad I was to read of your bad experiences :( . I think by just posting here you are helping people who may be thinking of getting this procedure done to think about what may go wrong as the adverts are very misleading. Rarely do you hear of the bad.

I haven't had it done but it has crossed my mind a couple of times and once I did book an appointment but I never went through with it (and I never will). I wear contact lenses most of the time and my glasses.

I just want to wish you all the best and I hope things improve.

Re: Lasik danger!!
May 21, 2006
I had my enhancement 6 days ago. it was supposed to get rid of the astigmatism in my right eye, therefore correcting the ghosting and halos at night. My overall sight is better, but my night vision remains poor, the halos are still there, and there is still some ghosting when i read.

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