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Hello All:

I had lasik surgery done about 2 weeks ago. So far, I am enjoying my results, although my right is still not as sharp as my left eye. My doctor told me that it can take a few weeks for everything to my fingers are crossed..

the question I had, does anyone know if it is safe to use allergy eyedrops after lasik? Currently I am using the artificial tears and also my doctor told me to use Systane eye drops becuase my eyes have been eyes are red as well and before the surgery I would use Opcon-A drops in my eyes. These drops are awesome to help when eyes get red and itchy. I have not used these drops since I have gotten the surgery. Do you think it would be safe to use them?

My doctor said no to to all drops that aided with redness. My eyes are always red cuz of allergies, but the dryness will get so much better as time goes on. It's been two years since my lasik and I am ecstatic, your eyes will continue to improve with time. Good luck

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