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After I read some of the stories of post-op Lasik complications some of you on these boards have been having, I'm seriously thinking of backing out of my surgery I have scheduled for next month! Right now my vision seems pretty stable at 23, my left eye @ -4 and my right at -3.5. My doctor told me I would be a perfect candidate for Lasik, as I have no history of health issues or problems with my eyes, and he said I have very thick cornea which is supposedly ideal. After talking with him, and discussing the potential dangers and such, he made feel very comfortable, making it seem as if I should have no worries whatsoever! Then I decided to do more research online, and reading some of these testimonials has me a little scared. Is the risk associated with Lasik far higher than doctors would suggest, or am I just reading a flawed sample of testmonials online? By flawed sample I mean, it could be possible that I am more likely going to read horror stories than success stories on such forums, as patients with complications are more likely to post concerns than people with flawless procedures post about their success. What do you guys think? Should I opt out of Lasik? Is there better/safer technology on the horizon worth waiting for?
It wasn't worth the risk to me either.
I heard how i was a perfect candidate, there are rarely side effects, yada yada yada
I am going to have it repeated next month because i know have astigmatism from uneven healing. I have ghosting with reading, and halos at night.
Sight cannot be taken for granted. Think hard about taking the risk. There are plenty of people who are very happy with it, haven't had any problems, etc....but you need to realize that problems can happen.
I never thought i would be one to do poorly, but i did.
Good luck with your decision :)
Any surgery can have complications because it depends on the patient, but I think it has a lot to do with the surgeon too. I would not just go to any doctor to have my eyes operated on.

Mine was a little more complicated. My family recovered in 24 hours w/ Lasik. No problems at all. When I went to have mine with the same doctor I didn't qualify b/c my cornea was not thick enough. So I had another procedure called Lasek which is more painful and the results are less guaranteed. It took me like 2 months to fully recovery. I'm not 20/20 but at least I can see with without glasses. I used to be like -7, -8. Now I'm either 20/25 or 20/30. The bottomline I can see without my glasses. The surgeon said I can have a follow up procedure to be 20/20 but I would not have it. I'm happy with my results and I don't want to be in pain again.

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