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I had my surgery a few days ago on the 20th. I had the same fears as you. And even though everyone tried to calm me with their comments, it did not help.

I was terrified while the flap was being cut, terrified while the laser was running, and then all over again for the left eye.

However, now that it is 3 days in the past, I was overly scared - needlesly.

I just barely could feel the lid speculum enter but not after that. I did not feel the suction from the microkerotome. I did see the flap being lifted back. I did not notice the red flashing light getting any clearer. I did see the flap being put back into place and smoothed out.

It was over quickly. I immediately had better vision, though very cloudy. However, after sleeping for a few hours, I was very excited and happy about how good my vision was upon awakening.

I questioned the doctor about the possibility of the flap moving after the surgery. He told me that he has done the surgery on some professional boxers that get poked in the eye often and they have not had problems.

I was also worried about keeping my eye open and staring at one point. I too am familier with the stinging you mention. But I guess the numbing drops make the difference as I had no problem with that.

I was more worried about keeping my eye fixed on the red light. The doctor told me minutes before the surgery that that too was nothing to be concerned about. He said that the laser tracks you eye and will stop if it does not "see" the correct area or your eye. He also said that the laser moves much faster that your eye can. My wife was watching on a TV screen and said that I moved my left eye a lot while the laser was running. I am OK, so I guess the doc was right.

Don't worry, you'll be fine, good luck.

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