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Vitamin C Benefits?
Apr 23, 2006
Okay.... 4 days away... Thursday morning is my surgery appointment. I have been reading that Vitamin C taken a week before and up to 2 weeks after surgery can help with post op side effects like hazing, starbursts and halos etc.

I read that the doese recomended was 500 mg 2 times a day. I figure a little extra vitamin C can't hurt..... in fact maybe it will keep the 'cold' bug away lol. So I got some yesterday and will take it for the next couple weeks.

But my Lasik Doc never suggested it.... and I read that it's more recomended with PRK procedures than Lasik. So has anyone been told that Vitamin C is a good idea prior to Lasik? (It's essential for healthy eyes anyway....) I guess I am just wondering if it does make any difference??

Also.... regarding dry eyes... I found info on the net that suggests taking flax seed oil will help with the dryness, gritiness, and scratchy feelings. Anyone try this?
Yes, I have read it and confirmed it with my lasik doctors. I started it two weeks prior to surgery and continued for several weeks after. I never had any night driving problems after surgery and would highly recommend that you take it. Take 2 500mg per day (1,000 total daily). I did have PRK done....but I have great vision at night.

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