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! day out.... had my surgery yesterday and so far I have not had ANY problems at all! None of the scratchiness, burning, sand in the eye feelings at all! The only thing I've had to deal with so far is after being asleep for awhile and my eyelashes gluing together from all the drops.... easily fixed with the refresh tears and a bit of patience. They sent some freezing drops home with me in case I needed them and I didn't.

As for the procedure.... anyone nervous about it... you dont need to be! I was, and I realize now how quick and easy it is. The eyelid speculum didn't bother me, the pressure from the microkeratome didnt bother me (even the loss of vision while the suction was on didnt bother me) The only thing felt at all was the actual cutting of the flap, and that wasn't pain so much as more like someone dragging their fingernails down a chalkboard.

As soon as I sat up from the table, I could read the clock... all of the numbers were crystal clear! The astigmtism would kind of smear letters and numbers before crating a shadow double of them.... now completely GONE!

I just got back from my 24 hour appt, and I noticed the street signs.... I could not read them before without glasses! This is amazing... so far!

Its a bit of a pain in the keister having to put all these drops in now but well worth it.

I'll post more on my 1 week.

ps thanks to those who posted to my 'nerves' thread. You helped me relax some before the appt :)

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