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I had regular Lasik... not the custom wavefront one.. and not PRK. I also had the microkeratome, not intralase.

So far, 5 days out I can see perfectly! I used to see halos and starbursts before the surgery (both without and with glasses)... due to the type of astigmatism I had. Now they are gone! I know that starburts and halos both can be a side effect of the surgery but it seems I ended up with the opposite! I didn't realize until I had the surgery, just how bad my night vision was before!

I also noticed that my eyes dont seem to be getting dry as fast as they want me to put drops in.... The first few days I noticed they got dry pretty quick but the last day or so, it seems that my own tears have somewhat caught up. (I actually had lots of tears before... watery eyes alot due to allergies maybe?) Anyway is this normal? I thought that dry eyes took months to get rid of after Lasik?? I am putting in drops about every 3 hours or so during the day and they want me to put in every hour for the first week.

I cant wait until I can stop wearing these stupid sunglasses 24 hours a day lol... Friday... can't wait!

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