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Hi, I'm considering Lasik, but I'm concerned about the dry eye side effects.

To give you some history, I wore gas-perm hard contacts all through high school, but around age 19 or 20 I developed allergic conjunctivitis... my eyes were irritated and red all the time. I quit wearing contacts, but my eyes still hurt, itch, and feel dry a lot. Around age 24 I got a surgical procedure to close the tear ducts (to fix dry eye). It didn't seem to change anything at all!

I'm now 37.. I still have very irritable eyes, can't be around cooking smoke or cigarette smoke, not even the tiniest bit of it. I can't be indoors if there is a draft or air conditioning blowing on my face because it dries out my eyes so fast. I wake up with very sore eyes every morning..

Needless to say, I'm concerned that if I'm having this much trouble now, I'm going to have an especially bad case post-op.

Anyone else have similar symptoms pre-surgery? How did it come out?

How common is dry eye after the surgery?


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