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Stay positive....I think you have every reason to be cautiously optimisic. When you have a good result IMMEDIATELY after lasik, that's half the battle...

Keep using your drops, don't rub your eyes...and, hang in there.

If you're night vision is excellent, you're doing better than I did right away! My night vision was good...with only slight halos for a couple of months (in the dead of winter...the air here is so dry, etc) But, I even had a bit of halo-ing with my contacts, so it was "same old/same old" for me at that point. No halos for me now.

Cindylou, I'm happy to hear you are doing so well too! We hear/read about so many problems online...but as several people have stated before, it's normal to hear about problems because people are looking for solutions.

As you can see...I had a bit of halo-ing but things are fine now. I wish the same for you.

Maybe Custom Wavefront has something to do with our success....but others would disagree with that theory as well. Custom makes SENSE to me...everyone's eye is different so everyone should have the option for custom wavefront if the outcome would be better.

I hope both of you continue to experience great/problem free recoveries!

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