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Thanks Wendy,
I do appreciate the support.
And I'm happy that you are also having success with you procedure.
Although I'm only about a week post-op, and maybe it's too early to tell if
I'm going to have any complications, but I'm still waiting for something bad to happen.
I bought 3 boxes of those "refresh" disposable eye drops, but have yet to use
even one.
My night vision is excellent, no halos, a little glare, but I have no problems reading books, newspapers, or staring at the computer.
It's a complete trip.

The most irritating part of the entire procedure is having to put those damn plastic shields on my eyes, but I started wearing some construction work goggles instead, and it's so much more comfortable. (Tip)

I also have that habit of trying to push my glasses up and end up poking the bridge of my nose. My wife cracks up when I do that, but I've done it a few times when I talked with clients this week, and they looked at me like I was crazy.

Thanks for the post Wendy. Hope your 20/15 vision continues!


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