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Good Afternoon,

Well I thought I would put my two cents in as well ;-). I had Custom Lasik
two weeks ago and I love it. I have noticed a lot of people with positive results had the wavefront lasik ( like myself) and I wonder if thats why. Maybe technology has helped us. Either way I dont regret it at all.

My dry eyes is almost clear up (using drops maybe 3 times a day) and my vision went from 20/300 to 20/15 (just checked two days ago). The only issue I have have is the halos at night and I am told it will get better. Its not anything that will prevent me from driving but hopefully will get better. I too had many tests and repeated these test to make sure. Now my husband on the other hand was told because of his dry eyes they will not do the surgery, yet! If he can clear them up they will do it. We were glad they were honest with him and he does not have a problem with that, not sure he will do it anyway. Hope your all doing well!

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