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Hi all..........i am 4w. post op lasik surgery from a very well know surgeon in my area. My left eye is fine, my right eye is dry and appears to be getting dryer. The plug just put in does not appear to help. The only eye drops that do give me temporary relief is refresh celluvisc....i also have fibromyalgia. No dry eyes before surgery. I am female 57yrs old. My anxiety is starting to increase....i dont care if it will take 6 months...but i am worried i will not improve.
Question....the physicians cannot find any overt sign of dry eye with their instruments and eyelids are fine. There are no dry patches and the eye through their lenses do not look dry. Can anyone out there explain this. In addition, to i really need to throw the celluvisc container away after i just put one drop in my eye? Thanks for your help

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